Saturday, April 2, 2011

Will Spring Ever Come?

Wow! I'm not sure of the answer to my post question! We are just stuck in this 50's, rain every day. We manage a few breaks of sun then the rain is back. There was so much rain in the Cascades that the snow started to melt and then we had flood warnings. We are up nice and high so not a worry for us but definitely for others. I have watched other parts of the country and you poor guys are still getting snow! Well, on to a happier subject-my Easter decorating!

These are my boy and girl bunnies. I always wanted boy and girl bunnies. We got these a few years ago at a 50% off sale after Easter! The eggs are needle felted. The wool furnished by my dear daughter!

I stitched this two years ago. It is a Blackbird Designs pattern. I probably changed some of the color , as I usually do. I can't remember the details. I just love it and hang it every spring over my antique desk in the entrance to our home.

This shows the top of my desk. I have a feather tree, my blue bunny cross stitch, and my white bunny collection. For me, bunnies and eggs symbolize spring as well as Easter and rebirth.

This is my feather tree(new this year thanks to my DH) . It has some of the beautiful needle felted birds by my daughter(Woolpets) . She also made some of the needle felted eggs and some I got at Williams-Sonoma. Hope you enjoy the Easter tour of my home, at least part of the decorations.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Camera

Well, I'm learning to use our new camera. I changed my heading using a photo I took today. This is one of my daughter's adorable wool sculptures. She made it for me a few years ago. I just love it! We are still plagued with rain,rain,rain! I went out when we had what they call out here"a sun-break."
I think my recent cross stitches reflect my desire for spring. I finished "Daffodils " by Prairie Schooler. I changed some of the DMC colors as I went so I'm not sure what they were as I have put them all back in my thread bag.

I also stitched up a quick bunny. I love the small designs inside the large bunny. This was a JBW design. It was a very quick stitch that I enjoyed.
Tomorrow I'll post the little 4th of July stitch I did. I plan to do several ornament size projects to put in an antique wooden bowl that I have.

Well, it's time to watch the pickers, so I'll stop for tonight.