Saturday, November 26, 2011


I know that I planned to show cross stitch today but we had an adventure very unique to the area that I want to share. Salmon is a big deal up here. A lot is being done to conserve their habitat. Around this time each year, they can be seen swimming upstream to lay their eggs. There are many many streams that eventually end up in the sound. The amazing thing is, they return to the same stream in which they were hatched in order to lay their own eggs. I have absolutely no idea how they know which stream to travel up to lay their eggs. This is a very difficult thing for them to do at the end of their lives. Basically, they lay eggs then die. The smell is pretty bad as you can see the dead fish lying around. However, to see them swimming against the current in such fast moving water is truly amazing!

The water is rushing toward you in this photo. The salmon have to go upstream through this culvert.

I tried to show how fast the water is running in this picture. This is fresh water that flows into Puget Sound , a salt water body. The fish begin to die as they reach the fresh water.

This was a good close up of a salmon.

If you look carefully, you can see several.

This guy was dying. It was still breathing when we took this picture.

This lovely little duck , a female hooded merganser was very busy eating things in the stream.

Our best guess, after consulting our Puget Sound Bird Book, is that this is the female hooded Merganser.

Tomorrow we are decorating the lighthouse for the holiday house tour that will feature the lighthouse. I'll try to get some good pictures. Hope you enjoyed learning about the travels of one of our most tasty fish!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had our daughter, son-in-law, the SBA's brother, and a couple that are good friends for dinner. We all had a very good time. I, being chief cook and bottle washer, felt quite tired when we were finished. The SBA(super blog assistant(husband) was a huge help this year! My daughter, chief designer for Woolpets, presented me with these three adorable snow people. If that's what the turkey provider gets, it was well worth it! I'll be working these little guys into my winter decorating. In a future blog, I'll be showing you more of her creations. I finished 2 cross stitch projects. The JBW mittens and the JBW lamb. The lamb is for my daughter and she has a real and a created sheep named Hazel. You can meet the imaginary Hazel at the blog"Hazel, Basil, Pudding Pie." I hope to have pictures of the real Hazel soon.

Doesn't he just make you smile?

This cutie too.

I think she's just bursting into song!

The mittens are ready for framing.

Here's Hazel. I'm not sure I like her on the Cappuccino Weeks 30ct. linen. I used DMC white. I think it's a bit small. I may do it over on a different fabric. I'm going to let my daughter decide.
Tomorrow, I'll show photos of my current project. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Here's wishing everyone a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What??!! A Shopping Center??!!

I find it rather odd to be doing a blog about a shopping center considering I'm not that much of a shopping center person. But this one is special. First, it is outside. I go mainly to see the planters! Each season brings some new ideas. I would love to get advice from the gardener who plans these lovely containers. If you enjoy working with containers, you will enjoy this blog.

This pretty fall box was in front of a typical shop.

A cabbage close up.

They put some unusual things together and they all look great.

Lots of large containers were planted with trees and lovely foliage perennials.

This was a pretty little water fall.

The white in the tree trunk and then again in the ivy was quite striking.

This was the largest water feature in the center.

Several planters had evergreen for winter color.
Well, better get back to the kitchen. I'm hosting Thanksgiving so it will be a busy few days. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Trip Across the Water

Yesterday we took a trip to Seattle. We both wanted to get our for a bit since we had been sort of stuck in the house while I recovered from the hernia surgery. They had a art-craft show called " Best of the Northwest." We decided to go. My husband likes this show . It is juried and the artists are quite good. I didn't take pictures of the show but I did take lots of photos of the trip. I have been trying to get pictures of snow in the mountains. Even though we had sun, the mountains(Olympics) seemed to be covered in clouds. We got some nice pictures of the Cascades from the ferry.

You can see the Cascades behind the city. They have gotten lots of snow.

The famous space needle with the mountains in the background

More snowy mountains.

Now we are on our way home. It was a beautiful sunset. The colors are not nearly as bright in the photos as they were.

This is Puget Sound with the sunset in the background.

This was looking east and the cloud behind the building was pink from the sunset.

The skyline as we left.

The space needle has a tree for the Christmas Holidays.
Since this is the week of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that I live in such a beautiful place!
Tomorrow, I'll share pictures of a shopping center that I like to visit just to see the plant containers! Thanks for visiting.