Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cross Stitch and A Beach Walk

Hi Cloud Friends.  I hope summer is going well for you.  We were cool then hot(94) and now thank heavens cool again. Still no rain.  It has been over 70 days with no rain so when you hear people say it rains all the time in Seattle, you can inform them that is simply not true!! On the news last night, they talked about large trees falling over and what to look for if you live around very large trees.  Anyway, we did have a great day for beach walking last week so I will share the photos with you.  This time I took a slightly different set of photos.  There have been lots of families at the beach this summer.  The water is still cold.  Puget Sound is between 50 and 55 all the year around.  So what do you do with the kids when the water is very cold, you have them build forts.  I hope you enjoy all the work of the kids at the beach!
I am still busy with " For Thine is the Trick or Treat". I am loving it!! I always love Halloween and I was in the mood for a Quaker, this chart is the perfect solution.  It will be done and framed way before Halloween.  If you mainly read my blog to see cross stitch, just feel free to stop after the first photo.

 I have tried several different places to take this photo.  I just can't get the color right.  The linen is Lakeside Linen, Vintage Sand Dune, the threads are DMC white and black, GA gingersnap , and Crescent Colours hazelnut.  This picture is missing the straight lines.  I always do them last.

 That white spot in the distance is Mt. Baker, many miles away.  It is also a volcano just like Mt. Rainier.

 I love the lighthouse flag under the American flag and yes, the sky was really that blue.

 This is a large container ship going into the port of Seattle.  The boat in the foreground is a normal size fishing boat.

 I thought this one was very clever the way they used two huge logs that were already on the beach.

 A work in progress!

 Two boys about 10 years old were building this one.

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you are all having a very good week!!!