Friday, November 9, 2012

The Last of Fall in the Garden

Thanks to all of those who said such nice things about my post of my Grandson in his Halloween costume.  Today, I'm going to show you what will probably be the final fall pictures of our yard and garden.  It has gotten colder.  The price we pay for the beautiful blue sky you see in the first photo is cold temps.  The weatherman says it is coming down from the Gulf of Alaska-that even sounds cold!! I hope you are all going to have a super week-end.

 This is a crab apple called "Golden raindrops".

 Here we have the Fuyu persimmon.  The fruits even taste good when very ripe.

The last of the hydrangeas!

 This dahlia is still blooming.  We have not had a frost yet, maybe tonight.

 Two of my favorite trees.  This is the parrotia persica, also known as the parrot tree for it's beautiful color.

The always beautiful Sweet Gum tree.
Take care and stay warm wherever you are!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh dear, One more Halloween!

I just can't resist this post!  Today we got the Halloween pictures form our Grandson's Halloween.  He lives far across the country so it is very special to get these photos!

 Iron Man!

This was at a Pumpkin Farm.

Caleb and Dad carving a pumpkin!

Where are those two front teeth??!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Cross Stitch Update

I'm finally getting around to doing a blog post.  It has taken me two days to take down the Halloween decorations. Thanks to all of you who looked and commented on my two newest witches.  While busy with Halloween my fingers have not been idle.  I have been busy stitching the BBD, "Christmas Garden."  Last night I finished the motifs in the top part.  I'm stitching this on 32 ct. Belfast linen, antique ivory.  That is my go to linen .  As I have complained to you before, I live nowhere near a LNS.  I have to order most things online.  I have a hard time with linen because it is hard to get a true color on the computer.  I find this color and count works for many things. I like to stitch on 32 count.  That count doesn't strain my "old" eyes too much.  Any way here is the update.  Tonight I hope to finish the berries(or flowers?) down the left side.  Then I 'll get back to the next group of motifs.
 I have already voted as our county is totally by mail.  I'm so tired of this election.  I have strong ideas about the way I hope things go, but all the polls etc. have me tired.  (The dear sweet SBA is a news junky so I hear a lot of the news). No matter what happens, I hope the best for our country.

 Here is the entire top part. Much prettier than you see here.

 I used all the suggested floss except the red.  I had a problem with the red running.  With a sampler this big, I want to be able to wash it when I'm finished.  I chose my favorite two reds , DMC 355 and 356.  I'm just using them where I think they will look good.

This center motif took me three evenings.

 I have fallen in love with the color Heirloom Gold by GA.  It is such a rich looking gold.

Lastly, the SBA and I had our coffee on the front porch this morning.  We saw this web with the rain drops and thought it was so pretty! Have a wonderful week!