Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Last of Fall in the Garden

Thanks to all of those who said such nice things about my post of my Grandson in his Halloween costume.  Today, I'm going to show you what will probably be the final fall pictures of our yard and garden.  It has gotten colder.  The price we pay for the beautiful blue sky you see in the first photo is cold temps.  The weatherman says it is coming down from the Gulf of Alaska-that even sounds cold!! I hope you are all going to have a super week-end.

 This is a crab apple called "Golden raindrops".

 Here we have the Fuyu persimmon.  The fruits even taste good when very ripe.

The last of the hydrangeas!

 This dahlia is still blooming.  We have not had a frost yet, maybe tonight.

 Two of my favorite trees.  This is the parrotia persica, also known as the parrot tree for it's beautiful color.

The always beautiful Sweet Gum tree.
Take care and stay warm wherever you are!


  1. The photos are beautiful - nice fall colors! I like your new template pattern, too!

  2. Beautiful photos! Such interesting trees and flowers, the only one I would be able to grow in our zone is hydrangea. The dahlia would grow, but would have to be dug up before we get frost. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

  3. What a pretty picture on your header Barb! And oh, I love all the photos you share today.

  4. Great Fall pics, love the Fall colors.
    The Hydrangea's are still pretty!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely pics! Aren't those clear crisp days the best?

  6. you have more leaves left than we do. ours are almost down now. cold crisp days are the best. i sure hope we get winter this year!

  7. Lovely pictures. The colors of the leaves are great!