Go Hawks!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Cross Stitch

Greetings from the very sunny somewhat warm Seattle area.  Really this weather has me concerned.  We are not getting the snow pack we need.  For us, in what they call the lowlands, that means rain.  We are sunny now for almost a week with just a one day exception and that day was only cloudy, no rain.  Well, the weather man says it's because it's an "El Nino" year! I even saw green on my roses.  We just might get an arctic blast and that's another thing that has me concerned. Oh well, you can't control the weather so on to  some cross stitch.

 Last year(actually during the super bowl) I stitched "Paper Snowflakes"  by Brenda Gervais.  I didn't finish it last year.  So after Christmas I got it out.  It was time to decided what to do with it.  Because it is so seasonal, I didn't want to invest in framing so I made it into a pillow for our bed.  I still had that 15 year old fabric that I used in the shams so it made a logical choice for the pillow. I am happy with the results. While in the bedroom I decided to take photos of the pieces that I have in this room.  This is the place where I display many of my finished projects that are not seasonal.

 On one side of the window.

 The other side of the window.

 Above the DH's chest. 

 A corner by a closet.

Last but certainly not least, our Space Needle all bathed in Seahawk colors!! Today they added a giant 12 flag to the top.   Go Hawks!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mostly Cross Stitch

Well, I will be off football for a few days at least. There are some fun things to share about how this area is preparing for the big game, but I'll wait till later in the week.  While many of you are having winter, we are having Spring.Yesterday was the warmest day ever recorded in Seattle in Jan.  It was 63 degrees. I'm going to work a bit in the yard today.  We have a huge bush we want to take down and this will be a great day to do it.  While outside, I plan on taking some photos to share with you but for today, it's about cross stitch.

 This is my first finish for 2015.  It is very different from most of the things I stitch.  It is more like a picture.  I usually prefer a sampler type design.  However, I can't see this without thinking of my dear father who loved to sail and taught us this saying when we were very small. I used all the called for floss and linen. It is a PS design called "Weather Wise".

 After teaching for thirty years, I knew I had to have this book.  It is great with lots of good designs and a very interesting story.

 I have thought about designing a sampler based on the house we had in Louisville, KY.  The house was a very symmetrical colonial.  It would be a very easy and appropriate house for a sampler.  Who Knows?? Maybe??

Well, I almost got through a post without mentioning the Hawks.  We finally bought a flag and the DH is all ready for the big game.
Those of you in the path of this big storm take care and be safe!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Day After

First, I must say to all my Green Bay fans, you were awesome.  In fact, you probably deserved to win that game.  A part of my heart(not the biggest part) felt bad for the Packers.  When I read today's paper and read about Aaron Rodgers, I did feel sad.  I do pride myself on being honest so I am thrilled to be going back to the Super Bowl.  We had two very lucky breaks, one, the getting the ball after the onside kick and the other was winning the overtime toss.  No one is mentioning that luck was part of that win, but it was! Here is the front page of our paper.
It was generally a very hard day.  We were awakened at 1:45 am on Sunday morning to a loss of power (our security system warns us with sharp beeps).  It is 10 am Mon. and still no power.  Thank goodness for our old second hand generator!! The game made me so nervous this is what I did:

 What does a girl do when she is a nervous wreck??? She polishes brass!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for putting up with my football obsession.  For a least awhile, I'll be back to cross stitch. I can't promise what I might be up to  the week before the Super Bowl!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Seahawks Fever-Part 2

We had a bit of shopping to do today so I brought the camera along.  Just in case you thought I was exaggerating take a look.  The first series of pictures are just in our small neighborhood.  There were more than I'm showing because they were the same type flags.

 Notice the house lights

  This is my favorite flag.

 These numbers  are about 4 feet high.

 Now we are heading into town.

 At the grocery store

 After the doughnut I did not but these!

 Now we are a the auto parts store.

 A good sense of humor!

 Back home at the DH's Seahawk shrine.

 We would love another one of these!

Sorry if this is boring , I will soon be back to cross stitch!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Seahawk's Fever

Once again Seahawk fever has hit the region!!!!! My DD and I met for coffee this morning and the majority of people we saw had on Seahawk clothing , sweat shirts, tee shirts, hats even jewelry and scarves.  There are signs and flags everywhere.  Here is my little contribution for today.

  Here you have a famous Seattle Seahawk doughnut!!

 Made by the famous Top Pot coffee and doughnut cafe!

The fans are all known as the 12's.  There are 12 signs all over.  I gave the DH a 12 jersey for Christmas.
Thanks for joining me and

Go Hawks!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Beach Walk and Cross Stitch

I know that so much of our country is just freezing right now!  I have a very dear friend in Chicago who keeps me up to date.  Last year the same thing happened with the polar vortex.  While much of the country was freezing , we were mild.  In fact, the weather people are beginning to worry as our snow pack in the mountains(where we get much of our summer water) is only 52% of what it should be.  Well, yesterday was beautiful and we took a beach walk.  I hope you enjoy the pictures, we had a great walk. 

 My progress on PS Weather.

 View from the beach across Puget Sound.

Two of  my favorite things, mountains, and water.

 Guarding the beach!!

 The sea-weed was especially colorful yesterday! Plus I love seeing all the beach textures.

 Thanks for joining me and have a wonderful day!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Big thanks and Cross Stitch!!

I have read it often that the blogging and stitching communities are full of nice people.  Well, I am the proof that it is true.  So many of you took time , not only  to read about my "grinch" visit at Christmas , but commented and wished me well. I realize that it is such a busy time, I was moved to tears to think you took time to visit my blog and many of you commented.  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  It felt so good to get enough energy to finally get to the computer and then to read your comments. Thanks to all the well wishes and some very good medicine and LOTS of water, I am much better.  Still a lot of coughing but that part just takes time.  I tried to drown it with water and the Dr.  said that was one of the best things I could do.(FYI, just in case the Grinch finds you).
I do have a few pictures to share.  On the day after Christmas, the DH(who is now in the clutches of the Grinch) took me for a little ride.  I have also continued to work on Margaret Cottam, and I have my New Years stitch picked out.

 A few more days, and Margaret will be finished.  I have made lots of color changes.  If you do have any questions, I'd be happy to share.

 I love the little scene at the bottom. It is hard to believe she was only 9 years old! 

 This is my New Year's choice.  The words are the old weather saying," Red at night, Sailor's delight......." This has special meaning for me.  My dad was an amateur sailor and built two of his own boats.  When I was a little child, he always recited this to me ,so  this was a project I wanted to stitch.

 Our beautiful Olympics, finally with some much needed snow!

 The bridge at the bottom of the picture is called The Hood Canal Bridge.  It connects the Kitsap Peninsula(where we  live) with the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.

Thank you again for all the well wishes.  I hope all of you have a very happy and most importantly a healthy 2015!!