Happy Spring

Happy Spring

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Cross Stitch Update

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post.  The DH thanks all of you for the kind Happy Birthday wishes.
 I wanted to show you my progress on the antique sampler and show my next (the hospital) project.  We have so many decisions to make -the DH is my color helper- on the colors on the antique sampler that I am not taking it to the hospital.  I wanted something easy and direct.  I will finish the antique sampler as soon as I get home.

 Very close to being finished!

 I think her saying was just charming.

I love this!  We are all so careful.  This was how a ten year old did stitching.

She carried her threads all over the place.

I really like this design.  On the chart, the red and blue look a bit too pastel for me.

So I'm using a deep red and blue, more the traditional red, white and blue.
While I'm in the hospital getting that new knee, I hope to get lots done on this project.
Thanks for joining me today!  Have a great Easter week-end!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Happens on a 70 degree, Sunny Sunday in the Pacific NW

This was a picture perfect day and it happened on a week-end!  Lucky for all the workers in the area.  Usually this kind of day is on a Monday. We had a wonderful day.  This was the DH's birthday which made it even better.  Our day started with a good Palm Sunday Service at our Church.  From there, we decided to go down to Tacoma and walk on the waterfront path. We had a nice lunch at a little cafe right on the water.  You could see the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge from the restaurant.  I think it will be best if I just let the pictures talk for me.

 The Narrows Bridge

 Beautiful Mt. Rainier watching over Tacoma.

 Folks were riding ferries!

 Playing on the beach


Renting the diving suits( No we did not do this!)

  Looking at beautiful flowers

 Playing on the water in all kinds of boats!

Enjoying the weeds that were everywhere!

 Watching commerce, even on a day like this business goes on.

 Coming home with a Skinny Mocha to enjoy on the deck!  Happy Birthday to my sweet DH!

Just a bit of cross stitch,  the last row shows all the family initials.  Only one child was born after Elizabeth stitched her sampler.  These initials helped us to identify the family.
I hope your week-end was lovely and you have a great week-ahead!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cross Stitch and Flowers

I am hoping that by now most of you are experiencing a lovely Spring.  We have our usual supply of rain but have had several lovely days.  I took some Spring flower pictures yesterday. There is so much green everywhere you look.  I think of Autumn as my favorite season but Spring is certainly beautiful here in the NW.
I'm still busy working on the antique sampler.  Yesterday I found a history/genealogy group in the region of England that Elizabeth is from.  I emailed them about the sampler and hope to hear from them.  According to a dear British friend, Yorkshire is a lovely region of England.  Her small village is called Ingleby Greenhow.  I have a band to do tonight and then all the family initials.  I think I am finally finished with the alphabets.  I can't wait to get to the motifs at the bottom.
I do have a bit of personal information to share with you.  A week from Friday I am going to have knee replacement surgery.  The time seems right as I am in good condition and sooner or later this would be necessary.  My walking is limited to about 30 minutes a day and with our beautiful summer coming, I want to be able to do much more than that.  I am looking at the recovery time as lots of time to read and stitch-two of my favorite things!!  Of course with lots of PT worked in!!I hope to keep all my blogging and answering blogs up to date.

 I would say it is about half done.

 Some of the letters are done in a way that I have not stitched before,  maybe unique to this 10 year old.

We planted several different kinds of daffodil bulbs to flower at different times.  We have had a daffodil blooming in the yard since January!

 I love the color of this Japanese Maple.

Do you remember my orange whiskers that I planted in the Fall?  They survived the winter and are putting on quite the show.
Thanks for joining me today!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Antique Sampler

First, I want to thank all of you for the very nice things you said about Caleb and Hannah.  I do miss them terribly and wish we were much closer.  They lived near here until Caleb was almost 4.  That was great.  We will have to keep up with Hannah by the internet!  Thank goodness it is so much easier than it used to be.
In the evening I did work on the old sampler copy.  As I have said in comments back to some of you, Elizabeth was a 10 year old girl.  No wonder we have very different color tastes.  I am sticking to the design to the letter.  At least as much as we were able to copy her design, errors and all.  I have done lots of frogging.  The Heirloom Gold I was using for the border was very green.  I did not like it and found a much golder version.  So I frogged the entire top border and some of the side borders.  I know that makes me very anal!!!! Plus some of the letters I had already stitched had to be changed.  I am much happier with it now.  I did have to go to the two shops in Northern Alabama to get a dye lot that matched the one I had been using. I have decided that designing charts is a lot more work than it looks like!!!!! Plus, when using the dyed floss, get enough to finish the job!!! DYE LOTS CAN BE VERY DIFFERENT!!!!!

 So sorry for the wrinkles.  I iron after it is all finished. That was a lot of border to frog!!

All of the gold letters you see were frogged and stitched in the pretty Heirloom Gold.  I will be very careful when buying that color.  I love it but not when it is so green.

That's about it for my stitching.  Thanks for joining me. I hope you are all having the beautiful spring that has come to us in the Pacific NW!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I'm Back!

We got home last night from our trip to Alabama.  We spent 3 days in Southern Alabama visiting my 92 year old step mother. My sister and BIL came up from their home in Florida.  We all had a good visit.  It was disturbing to see her memory getting worse, but many of us seem to be having the same issue with family members.  So far she is able to keep an apartment in a Sr. living  facility.  That is thanks to a wonderful lady who takes care of her 2 or 3 days a week.  This lady is very special because she not only cares for her but in many ways loves her too.  With both my sister and me so far away she is a true blessing.
The next 6 days were spent in Northern Alabama with our grandchildren. This post is mostly about them.  I will show some other sights in future posts. Caleb had Spring Break.  We just loved seeing the children.  We had not seen little Hannah since she was about 6 weeks old.  I already miss them so much.  As it is, most all of our trip money goes to Alabama.  I'm glad we live in such a pretty place that lots of travel is not as necessary.

 Eight year old Caleb. He is a real sweety, funny too!!!!

 Messing with Grandpa!

He is a wonderful big brother!

 Isn't that the face of a Gerber baby???

 She has a great personality, very easy going and friendly.

Another fun time with Grandpa.
Thanks for joining me.  More on the antique sampler tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Cross Stitch Update

I really appreciated all your nice comments about the Spring road trip.  Every day it is more Spring-like here.  Even the rain is great because everything looks so green and fresh afterwards.  New things seem to be coming up each day in the yard.  Now for cross stitch.  First, I'll show you the Slicker Bunny .  We found a frame at Micheals that fit the design perfectly so it was a nice cheap framing experience!  Now I am back to the antique sampler.  I did find a few pictures, as last time I posted about it several people said the link didn't work for them.  My big issue was how much to stick to the original when I did not like the colors.  Since I am not a designer, I decided to make the sampler in colors that I will like.   The design will be true to the original sampler, but not the colors. So far , I am liking it better than I ever did with my other starts.

 We are having true Slicker Bunny" weather!!

 The start of the antique sampler.

The front of the original.  It is very faded!

Bottom of the original

 Top of the original

 The very bright back of the original.  We originally tried to match these colors.  I would get one line done and think , " No these colors will look awful in my house. They are way too bright."

I sincerely hope I will be honoring Elizabeth Garbutt by stitching the sampler even though I am changing her colors!
I will be spending some time with family for the next 10 days.  I might not get to blogging as often as I like.  I will see everyone in 10 days for sure.  Hopefully with lots of the old sampler stitched.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An Update and a Road Trip

We woke up to a beautiful spring day here in the Pacific NW, so the DH and I decided to take a short road trip to a small town just south of Tacoma.  They have a few shops that I love to visit. Tacoma has a wonderful walking trail along the harbor so we decided to stop there for our walk and have lunch at one of the several restaurants along the water front.  Then we went on to Sumner, our final destination. 

 First, a quick update on "Slicker Bunny." All that is left is the cute flower umbrella, the whiskers, and the rain drops. My linen is more gray than the blue that shows in the photo.

 All for only $6 dollars at the Safeway!

When we got out of the car, this is what we saw as we looked up.  I think the trees are a variety of maple as they are beautiful colors in the fall. Look at that deep blue sky!!

 This is the view along the very long paved walkway.

 Lunch time! It was very good!

The view out the window of the restaurant! I think he gets hand outs during the summer when the deck is open.

 Here is one reason we went to visit Sumner.  This is one of the best antique shops in the area.

 Along the sidewalk there were several little areas of plantings.

The plums are blooming.  We saw them everywhere.
Thanks so much for joining me today!!!!