Happy Hearts

Happy Hearts

Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Back To Normal!

It's been a week since we got home from our trip.  It has been a busy week getting everything back to normal.  While in Alabama, I shop at a great little LNS.  It's called Patches and Stitches.  Of course, I had to add a bit to my stash! (picture of goodies below)
I heard something interesting yesterday.  I have shown you some Spring photos.  Well, according to the news, we are one month ahead of where we usually are at this time of year.  That would be good but there is a concerned side.  First, with so little snow in the mountains , we are worried about water and fires this summer.  It is also possible for an Arctic blast and that could do lots of damage to plants, especially the apple and cherry crops.  I know that I have no control of the weather, so it is best not to worry! It is  for this kind of situation that I stitched, "This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it."  It has been to pretty not to enjoy the day.  In fact, I have a picture of a sight outside my family room window.   Enjoy it at the end of the pictures.

 Here is the stash! Left to right-The Mary Jane Smith Sampler, Quaker Star, August's Poppy, and "Eye on the Sparrow" plus Classic Colorworks English Ivy and Queen Bee.

 This is a McIntosh Sampler.  I love the colors and the design. It's going on my to do list very quickly!

 What to do when you are traveling on a plane for a total of 15 1/2 hours??? Stitch this huge white house!!

 Sorry for the wrinkles.  This will be finished soon.

 Beautiful hellebores from the garden!

On Sunday morning, I looked out the window in the family room.  I noticed a white spot on the top of a pine tree behind a neighbor's yard.  We got out the camera and this is what we saw!

Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you are all having a great week!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back From A Week

 A special hello to all of you my friends.  I have been gone for a week because we were visiting our family in  Alabama.  We had not seen our little granddaughter for almost a year, so it was time to go.  Caleb , our grandson, had a 3 day week-end so off we went.  It was wonderful seeing the children.  The weather , not such a pleasure.  We flew into Nashville last Wed. and came home yesterday.  Now those of you who live there will not be surprised by this post.  I was shocked by the weather.  There was snow and ice while we were there.  Remember, I showed all my spring pictures before I left.  Well,, there are even more flowers blooming now here in the NW.  We came home yesterday and there were folks on the flight that were suppose to have left Nashville on Mon.  SW airlines stopped all flights that day due to ice.  We were happy we got out yesterday.  Tomorrow I'll show you some stash but today, it's all about the trip.

 Grandpa and Hannah

 Grandpa and Caleb playing connect Four

 Living so far from these two is very difficult.

 The trip to the  Nashville Airport!!!! There were all kinds of dire warnings about the weather as we drove the 2 1/2 hours. We did fine, thank goodness!

 Notice the trees bent over with ice!

Pretty but very cold!

Thanks so much for joining me and I hope you all have had a good week!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stitching and Spring-Maybe?

I hope this post finds you all doing well.  We have been very busy.  We had some great visitors last week, my SIL and her son.  We took them all over in the rain!  After all, Seattle had to live up to it's reputation.  Actually it was one of the rainiest periods we have had! Even considering the weather, we had a very nice visit!  Our nephew teaches in China so his stories were very interesting.  I didn't get pictures because of the rain.  We didn't want to get the camera wet!
I put some recent pictures of my garden on this post.  You will see how mild it has been.  I'm also sharing my latest stitching project. 

 I always put the stitching first.  That way you can stop reading if that is your interest.  Here is my current project.  I am using the suggested floss except the white.  I am using GA oatmeal instead of Shaker White. It shows up better on the Vintage Sand Dune linen(Lakeside Linen) I am using.

 Progress so far.  That is a very big house so I am doing it a bit at a time. The photo is much darker than the project.  It is almost dark outside.
 We have never seen these so early!! This is an early variety but I am still surprised.

 In another week, we will have more Hellebores of different colors.  They are all showing lots of buds.

 The heather is very pretty right now.

 I love this witch hazel.  See that blue sky.  I took this the week before company!!

Here are my sweet little friends from next door.  They came for a short visit.  
Have a great week and thanks for joining me !

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Back to Stitching!

Many thanks to all of you for your sweet comments about the game.  Here are my final thoughts for this season.  While this entire region is still talking non-stop about the game, it appears they are trying to be a bit more philosophical.  Yesterday was all moaning.  Today, they seem to be trying to understand why that play was called.  Anyway , they are a young team and I hope will grow from this experience.
 Today I am showing my latest project for that little oval antique frame I got last fall.  Vonna at "The Twisted Stitcher"  gave me a great idea.  During the holidays she talked about a sampler tree.  She suggested ways you could take a small motif from a larger sampler and make an ornament from it. I took designs from the BBD Anniversaries of the Heart series, Snow Garden, added a few snowflakes and there it was.  Now I am searching for a Spring design for that frame.  I plan on doing 4 different designs that I can change for the seasons.

 I did change the colors a lot from the original. It is stitched on 32 count Sand Dune linen by Lakeside Linens.

 I stitched this last year.  I made the color changes in the small design so it would look good with this one.

This is the grouping above the desk.

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments.  I think my cloud friends(that's the name my DH has given to all of you) are the best!!! Have a great week!

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Slow Recovery!

We are making a slow recovery from the game.  Everyone out here is very upset with the final call.  Lynch is one of the best, if not the best, running back in the NFL.  No one can understand why he was not given the ball with one yard to go.  Well, this is my final football post. I'm really done with it for awhile. Back to wonderful , calming stitching! Thanks for all the kind words you all sent!  I so appreciated them.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seahawk Fever!!!!

With the big game tomorrow, Seahawk fever  has reached a very high pitch.  When you are out and about, at least half of the people you see are wearing some kind of Seahawk clothing.  On my way home from the school where I volunteer, I saw this incredible house.  I took the DH back in the afternoon and the owner was outside.  I explained about this blog and she let me take photos. She was a very nice person and she was having lots of fun!

 Now that's a true fan!!

 The yard was full of Peanuts characters portraying the team.

 One end of her house.

Kearse is the player who caught the final pass in the championship game.

 She made this cheerleader outfit for her very sweet dog!

 The front door.

She invited my DH to pose with the team!

All the rest of the pictures are taken in Poulsbo.  This represents just one little town in the region.  Multiply this spirit by many more towns!

                                                         All that is left to say is:


Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Cross Stitch

Greetings from the very sunny somewhat warm Seattle area.  Really this weather has me concerned.  We are not getting the snow pack we need.  For us, in what they call the lowlands, that means rain.  We are sunny now for almost a week with just a one day exception and that day was only cloudy, no rain.  Well, the weather man says it's because it's an "El Nino" year! I even saw green on my roses.  We just might get an arctic blast and that's another thing that has me concerned. Oh well, you can't control the weather so on to  some cross stitch.

 Last year(actually during the super bowl) I stitched "Paper Snowflakes"  by Brenda Gervais.  I didn't finish it last year.  So after Christmas I got it out.  It was time to decided what to do with it.  Because it is so seasonal, I didn't want to invest in framing so I made it into a pillow for our bed.  I still had that 15 year old fabric that I used in the shams so it made a logical choice for the pillow. I am happy with the results. While in the bedroom I decided to take photos of the pieces that I have in this room.  This is the place where I display many of my finished projects that are not seasonal.

 On one side of the window.

 The other side of the window.

 Above the DH's chest. 

 A corner by a closet.

Last but certainly not least, our Space Needle all bathed in Seahawk colors!! Today they added a giant 12 flag to the top.   Go Hawks!