Happy Fall

Happy Fall
Away She Rides

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Finish and a Walk in the Garden

I actually finished the pumpkin stitch today.  I think I will just hold my comments until the pictures.  We had a wonderful afternoon today.  We have had several days with some rain(I'm not complaining) but this afternoon was sunny and warm so I took the trusty camera and went for a walk in my garden.  We have not had a frost so things are still pretty,  I hope you enjoy.

 I'm really not very happy with this.  It looks more like a cylinder than a pumpkin.  Plus the pearl cotton that was used for the ribs didn't look like ribs at all to me.

 Here is another view.  This was the medium size pumpkin.  I doubt I will make the small or large one.

 Then I looked at the pattern thinking I had done something wrong.  Well, they all look like cylinders on the picture.  So I guess I did ok.  I still think I'm done with this project.

 The next few pictures are my dahlias.  They are still blooming very well.

 Here we have a rubeckia.  It has produaced lots of flowers this summer.

 Our blueberry bushes have amazing color.

I will end this post with this cute little black spider.  It was on my Halloween door mat, just the right spider to be on a Halloween door mat! 
 Have a wonderful week-end!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A WIP and Some Fall Pictures!

Fall finally seems to have come to the Pacific NW.  It hasn't been 80 for some time, thank goodness. We have had several mornings with fog and that makes great conditions for photographing spider webs! I think those spiders  are nature's engineers! Sorry, I could not get the photo with the web to show on the blog.
For my current project I choose another design from a  BBD  chart. It is from the booklet ,"Sisters".  When BBD came out with their designs last Fall, I could not resist them. I'm working on " At First Cock's Crow."  This is very much a Halloween piece, both the words and colors speak Halloween! I like that it has the look of a sampler.
My DH and I  went on a little road trip to a pumpkin patch last week. I think we were the only people there without children! We stopped in a shop and I saw my last purchase(hopefully) for this Halloween season, a great witch dummy board!

At First Cock's Crow by BBD.  I am using the suggested floss but I had a nice piece of left-over Lambswool 32 count, so that is the linen.

I love the GA color Fragrant Cloves.  It is such a pretty orange.

I always wanted a dummy board  in front of the fireplace.  This is the perfect size.

 A pumpkin patch is the epitome of Fall for me. 

Is there a better way to end a great day than with a sugar -free mocha at one of your favorite coffee places?

Thanks for joining me today!!! Have a wonderful week ahead.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tomorrow is October1!!

My favorite month is about to start.  It will go by too fast, I'm sure.  I finally got my self together and decorated for Halloween at least in the entrance.  I will be finishing up tomorrow.  That includes getting out the Halloween dishes!! I have my last 2 finishes hanging up.  That might be record time for me.  I hope you enjoy seeing the beginning of a month of fun at my home!

 I have often mentioned that I just love this antique desk!! It is the focal point of the entrance to our home.

 The witch looks great in my frame that we picked up in a little antique shop just a few weeks ago.

 Here's "Away We Ride. "  Above that is" Witchy" It is by the Primitive Needle.  I really miss that talented designer. That is framed in an old frame that we have had for along time.

 My tree and the wonderful "Woolpets" owls.  The bat and the ghost and even the witch on top are also "Woolpets." Thanks to my talented daughter, Laurie, I have these adorable ornaments and birds!

 Another Woolpet" design , the crow! Plus a white ,Tom Jones of Fairhope Alabama, pumpkin. In another post, I'll show my entire collection of these pumpkins.

I love that little frame that shows my kids when they were small, all dressed up for Halloween!

Thanks so much for joining me today.  Have a glorious October!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Finish, Some Stash, and A Huge Mushroom!

This has been quite a Sunday!  I have a headache from the football game, not sure if it was an overtime win or my DH's shouting! Anyway on to some cross stitch! I have finished the cross stitch for the medium sized pumpkin.  Now comes the challenge of making it into a pumpkin.  Speaking of pumpkins,  I have enjoyed seeing the real thing on several blogs.  Since we have had another very warm day, after so many 80 degree plus days this summer, I haven't seen any pumpkins in the stores yet.  You wouldn't know Fall will be here Mon. if you looked around here!
We went down to Portland for an over night last week.  I got to the LNS and did just a bit of shopping.  I was proud of myself as I pretty much stuck to my list!! It was not an easy thing to do.  They had wonderful Halloween patterns all over the place.

 Here's the stash I bought.  Doesn't it show restraint?! I had never seen the chart HollowEden. It is very cute with Eve holding a pumpkin in a key spot!

 I found these little trims in an antique shop.  Maybe they will inspire me to do a better job finishing!!

 I love this freebie by "The Little Stitcher."  I couldn't find a small oval and had about given up stitching it.

 This showed up in an antique shop.  It is great, made of walnut with just the right amount of age.  The size is perfect! Plus the price was very good!!!

 All finished!

 My favorite parts to this design were the pumpkins
 Look what I spotted on the edge of our yard!  That's my DH's hand just so you can see how big this was!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week-end full of stitching or other fun things! Thanks for joining me today!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Two Finishes!

I am one day late on posting my progress in the SAL I am doing with Ranae at the blog "Stitch by Stitch."  It has been so much fun doing a SAL with Ranae.  She is a great inspiration! Well, I thought I was finished yesterday afternoon and I looked over my design to take photos and post.  Guess what, I forgot 2 things.  I forgot one of the chimneys and the leaves at the end of the tree.  I had an appointment so I didn't have time to finish until last night and then I was too tired to post. So today, I am sharing the finished piece.  And Ranae, I am absolutely sure you will finish this week end!!!!!
My dear friend in Chicago who had knee replacement in July got her gift, so I will show you that project  as well.

 I absolutely love this design.  Some things you finish and like and then others are just special.  This is special to me.  I used the floss that was suggested but stitched on 32 ct. lambswool.  I like the natural look that linen gives the piece.

 My friend and I have a joke about using rats in Halloween decorating.  I don't and she does! So when I decided to do a piece for her, it had to have rats!  I made a few changes.  I gave the rats red eyes and the cat, green eyes.  I had trouble seeing the cat.  As I was stitching, my DH said ,"Oh , see the cat!"  I did not see it  at first!  I liked the way the cat looked so I decided he needed green eyes to show up better.  I also did not stitch on orange linen.  This was 28 ct. that I had in my stash.  I like the more subtle look the tan linen gave the piece.  I bought orange linen and then decided to was too bright.  The design came from the 2011 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Collection. The chart was called '"Knock Knock" designed by Marie Driskill of Blackberry Lane Designs. The frame is one you can put on a table or shelf.  I like this especially for holiday designs.
We are having a spell of beautiful days, sunny in the high 70's.  The only problem is that due to our lack of rain, we are on the high alert for fires.  I hope everyone one in Western Washington is very careful of fire this week-end.  Thanks for joining me and have a wonderful week-end!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fall in the Yard and the Next project!

Even though we broke another heat record (90 on Sat.) the yard and garden are beginning to look like Fall-thanks heavens! I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

 A huge clump of Black-eyed Susans.

 Anemone Margaret

Not sure the name of this aster. It is full of these pretty little flowers!

 Remember "Whiskers." I always use this in my Fall pots.

 I found this little beauty to join Whiskers.

The Parrotia tree is slowly turning.

 The Sweetgum tree.  I love the Fall color of this tree.

The next project.  If you have read my blog, you know that I am not the worlds best finisher.  I tend to frame everything.  I bought his 2 years ago and it is speaking to me.  See the small print"Finishing instructions included."  Wish me luck!!!!!!!
Thanks so much for joining me today.  I really appreciated anyone who takes the time to read this blog! I hope you all have a terrific week!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

SAL Update another Great Road Trip!!

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on the last update.  I'm really having fun with AWR now that the border is finished.  I also mailed the gift to my dear friend in Chicago. When she gets it, I'll show you a photo.
Today was a beautiful day!! Sunny and temps in the 70's.  We have some very good friends who love Washington the way we do.  So we decided to go to a place called Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park for a late summer picnic.  We had a wonderful day with good friends! I hope you enjoy the photos!

 All I have left is the house and a tree on the right side!

 This beautiful butterfly was on the Yarrow near our picnic site.

 The view from the picnic site.

 Even after all the 80 degree days, there was still snow in these mountains. That is actually a glacier.

   At this point we are at 5580 feet above the Sound.

 Thanks for joining me today.  We are about to open the NFL season here in Seattle! Lots of excitement all around.  Our first game on the way to another superbowl!! Go Hawks!