Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cross Stitch and Lavender

Hi there cloud friends! I hope your Sunday is as pretty as mine.  It is sunny and probably about 78, I call that close to perfect weather. I have done lots of stitching to share with you today.  We went to the Sequim Lavender Festival on Fri. and I  have photos from that to share too. Let's get started.

 I am ready for the border on the Ghoultide Welcome. Here is what I am thinking,  to make it more like a sampler, I want to add the alphabet at the bottom.  That would not take up as much space as the charted "A Ghoultide Welcome"  so I would have to end the border at the two sides.  I have seen that done on other pieces.  I could then do just a simple line or zig-zag border on the bottom.  We (the engineer DH and I)  just can't make the border work with the alphabet design.  What do you think? I would love to know.

 I love this pile of pumpkins.  I could add a few of these to the alphabet line.
 The finished Fancy Blackett design by Pineberry Lane.  The chart is called Fancy Blackett Tea for Two.  I used the recommended floss.  This is for my DD as we often have coffee together.  I am pretending it is coffee not tea. The big letters were a snap as the B was charted.  I just took of the middle, flipped it over, and got an L for Laurie.  Now the letters stand for Barb and Laurie! Sorry Fancy and Otis!

 I love the design Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street.  I had started this one last Fall right after my accident.  I was not enjoying it at that time.  Now I really like it.  I just wish I had not chosen such a white linen.  I am thinking I might dye it when I'm finished.  However, it might change the colors of the floss too much.  I need your opinion again!

 The festival was a pleasure in both scent and vision.  Just beautiful!

I love the drift wood bird house.  Maybe I'll get more drift wood on my next beach walk and try one of these.

They were distilling lavender oil and this was the pile. It smelled divine!

Thanks so much for joining me today and have a wonderful week!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Beautiful NW!

Hi there cloud friends!  I hope this post finds you all well and happy.  Today I am taking you on a few trips around my area.  If you just read the blog for stitching, I will be back with lots of that to share soon.  Today, however, is all about Western Washington.

 In summer we have some very low tides.  This beach is about 30 minutes West of our house.  It is known for eagles that come here to feed when the tide is very low.  We saw 25 eagles at one time. What a thrill!

 We are now at the Sat. before the 4th.  It was our day to act as docents. 

 My DH is all ready for the visitors.  We give them a history of this lighthouse.  Some people ask lots of questions and some just come to look at the inside of a lighthouse.

 This is a view of Mt. Rainier from the window of the lighthouse.  It's about 70 miles away looking south.

 A beautiful day for people and dogs!

and planes too!!

 And taking visitors to Victoria, BC. The ship is called "The Clipper".

 Another day , another beach! This one is about 45 minutes south of home.  You get a great 30 minute walk through the woods to get to this beach. My DH and I are definitely water people! We love the mountains too but the water really pulls us.

 Mt. Rainier from the beach.  The mountain is really much closer here but it looks further away because I did not use the close up lens. It's about 40 miles from here.

Last but not least, a little visitor came to my garden!

Have a great week and thanks for joining me today.  I'll be back soon with lots of stitching!

Friday, June 24, 2016

To all my cloud friends in the USA, have a safe and happy 4th of July. To all of my cloud friends that live in other parts of the wold, have a great week.  

Our flag from the Point-No-Point Lighthouse

A Little Bit of Everything

Hi there all you cloud friends! I hope the early days of summer are good for you , that is, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.  For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, happy winter!  I would like to thank you for the many kind comments I got about the passing of my step-mom.  We (I'm the personal representative but I could not do it without the help of my DH) are now busy with the business of being a personal representative( previously executor).  There is a lot to do but I am happy to be able to do these final things for her.
Now onto the stitching world.  I have finished Nantucket Summer but still need to finish it.  Thanks to Priscilla, I am trying one of her ideas for framing.  I have started "Fancy Blackett-Tea for Two" by Pineberry Lane.  The minute I saw this one I knew I wanted to stitch it for my DD.  Fancy and a pumpkin head lady are having tea.  In my world, they are having coffee!  My DD and I often meet for coffee in the town between us.  This design is just perfect considering how  often we like to do that! No photo yet.  Of course, I'm still working away on "A Ghoultide Welcome" by Plum street.  I have the right side of the house finished.
Finally, I can't post without sharing my garden with you.

Here is the whole project! the colors look washed out in this photo.  They actually are quite bright and pretty.  I keep looking at Plum Street's Liberty's Welcome and wonder if I can do another huge house.  We will just have to see!

 We have had lots of thunder storms, very rare for this area.  Anyway, one day the sun came out and we saw this lovely rainbow!

 This little bird thinks she owns our back yard and the feeder!

  It's the time for day lilies!

 and hydrangea!

Thanks for joining me today and have a wonderful week-end!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Busy Time!

Hi there cloud friends!  Sorry that I have been so absent from the blog world.  My step-mom down in Alabama passed away on May 18.  Between the business and the planning of a memorial service and then the trip down there, I have just not been in the blog state of mind. We had to fly to Atlanta, drive to Mobile, then turn around 5 days later and do it again in reverse.  I hope to stay off planes for a good long time!  She was a very special lady to me and I'm glad her suffering is over.
I did accomplish the grass on the plane!  It was over 250 stitches for each row and there were 5 rows!! I learned something about what I like to stitch.  The big houses are worth the repetition but row after row of grass was really boring,  It even tired my eyes!!!! I will also show you the small I am stitching.

 Sorry for the crooked grass.  I never press my stitching until I am finished.  I am seriously thinking about making a change in this design.  A big box that says A Ghoultide Welcome is part of the chart.  I am thinking of skipping that part and just having the very pretty border go below the grass.  If not, I will have a lot more of the long rows of fill stitching.  Plus, I kind of like the sampler appearance of it without the words. Stay tuned!

 Here we have"Summer in Nantucket". So far I have only changed the color of the red house.  The chart by Plum Street Samplers called for a sort of reddish brown that I did not like.  I also am stitching on antique white (I have no idea where the color you see came from) so I had to change the whale as it would not have shown up on the off white fabric. I am having lots of fun with this one. 

 I came home to my Mock Orange in full bloom.  The smell is just heavenly!

 The fushias are also in full glory!

I will end with this whimsical little fountain decoration.  My DH rarely sees something he loves.  This little aunt did the trick!
Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you are all having a good week!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cross Stitch and Flowers

Hi there cloud friends!  I just looked at my header, I had better get busy and change it quickly! Oh well, tomorrow will have to do.  I have some cross stitch and some very pretty flowers to share.  All is well here, our 80's are gone and the very typical cool damp weather has returned, my garden and I are very happy.  I have really enjoyed stitching on the vine next to the big house.  I had to do lots of careful counting but I was ready for that after all the house stitching.  I'm also showing you the bag that I sent away to Faye at the "Carolina Stitcher."  She did a beautiful job changing my simple design into a fun bag!  As I have told you before, finishing is not really my thing so the bag was just a bit too much!

 Here we have Barbara Ana's " Mary Pepper". Notice the pretty gold color on the top.  The entire bag is lined with the same gold fabric.  It matches the stitching so well.  I can't wait to put some bittersweet in it this Fall.  Thank you Faye for the wonderful work!

 I totally changed all the colors on the vine except the green.  The DMC colors were not to my liking as charted, so I switched. Some are DMC and the others are Gentle Arts.  I first chose the GA Gingersnap and then coordinated  the other two orange colors to it.

 It's almost as big as the house!

 These are my DH's alliums.  He planted them last Fall .  They are about 5 inches across.

I will close with this lovely peony!  Thanks so much for joining me today. Have a terrific Memorial Day week-end if you live here in the US.  Please take time to remember why we celebrate this day.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The House is Finished!

Hi there cloud friends!  I have been a very bad blogger and just not kept up with posting.  I have no real excuse! However, I have definitely done quite a bit of stitching.  I have always stitched one thing at a time.  That has changed for sure!  I got the idea of decorating with my patriotic things from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.  That way I will enjoy them longer. When I put things up for the 4th, they seemed to need to come down rather quickly and I love the patriotic colors. Well, I decided to make some little patriotic pillows for my antique wooden bowl.  I have 5 finished or at least the stitching is finished.  I ironed them all yesterday so now I need to get the real finishing done. I plan to add a few each year. That's not the big news!  The big news is that I have finished the very big house on Plum Street's A Ghoultide Welcome.  That vine on the left is really fun to stitch but I have to pay close attention!! I have also added a few pics from my garden.  We have been quite busy with that as we failed to get a lot done last Fall with my accident.  I hope all is well with you all and Spring is being kind.  But from your posts, I know that is not true everywhere.  We are having a very warm , dry Spring.  We are already watering!

 As I mentioned before, that house is 81 stitches wide! I am changing most of the colors in the big plant on the left.  The chart calls for NPI silks.  They are beautiful but have gotten very expensive.  I did not like the DMC equivalents at all.  So I'm going on my own.  The main orange that I am using is Gingersnap by Gentle Arts.  I am building all the other colors around that one.  The greens are fine so far. The house is Onyx by WDW. All the little stars are done in the colors suggested on the chart.

 I love this dainty little iris.  I can't get any more of these as the nursery where I bought it has gone out of business.
A few years ago I saw this iris root at the local Fred Meyers( kind of like a Walmart).  I bought it for 50% off.  This is three years later.  I finally saw these lovely blooms.  Patience payed off!

This beauty is my favorite.  Right now it has nine blooms with still more buds to come.

I hope you all have a terrific week-end!  We are suppose to cool down and get some rain.  That is good news!  Thanks for joining me today.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tulip Festival

Hi there cloud friends.  Today I want to share some pictures we took last week when we went to the Tulip Festival.  Normally, this festival is held during the entire month of April. This year everything has been so very early that most of  the tulips are gone now.  We were lucky to get up there before the heat that we are now having.  This week has broken all the records for temps over 80 during the month of April.  That's just too hot for the tulips.
I have been working on lots of stitching but that's for another post.  I hope you enjoy the tulips!

 The fields look like a rainbow on the ground.

 There is a wonderful garden demonstrating all the different kinds of tulips.

 The garden also mixes the tulips with other pretty Spring bulbs.

Thanks for joining me today.  I hope you are all experiencing a nice spring if it is that season in your part of the world!