Monday, June 18, 2018

A Road Trip

Hi there cloud friends.  It's been a long time since I showed any photos of the beautiful NW.  Last week, my DH and I decided it was time for a road trip down to Oregon.  We had never been to the Columbia Gorge so that was our destination.  We did make a short stop in Portland but then headed to Hood River.  There are many waterfalls along the road.  The problem was that a fire last summer made most of them  not available.  The roads and trails to them were still closed.  We did manage to see two beautiful falls.  My new discovery however, was the Fruit Loop Road out of Hood River.  There were orchards of cherries, pears, and apples and a few wineries along the way.  All in the shadow of magnificent Mt. Hood.  The countryside was beautiful even on a cloudy rainy day! This area is also known for micro-breweries., so each day with supper I tried a new seasonal beer.

 The road along the Columbia was only open for a short distance due to the fires.

 We were able to get  close to the very pretty Lataurell Falls

 Here is the famous Multnomah Falls.  In the past there were trails up to that bridge but the trails were closed.

 Mt. Hood

 Just a small picture of the Fruit Loop Road.  I really want to go back here in the Fall when all the fruits are being harvested. It would be fun.  Apparently each little town has a harvest festival.

 Looked a bit like our Sequim with the lavender!

The sun came out and we had a delightful end to our trip! Thanks for joining me today.

I will be trying the technique to see if I will be able to read comments.  If I can't, I will thank you ahead for your kind words!!Blogger is driving me crazy!