Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring is coming!

First, I want to thank all of you for taking time to read my blog.  If you comment, I try to respond.  I have had trouble sending e-mails to some of you but please do know how much I appreciate the time you take to comment!!
I went for a yard walk two days ago and just have to share my wonderful signs of Spring. The paper said today that we are almost past the time for lowland snow. We live in what is considered the lowlands, not the Cascades or the Olympics. They will still get lots of snow! We had snow only one time this winter and it did not last.  I feel we are very lucky.  Of course, we have tons and tons of gray, misty, dark days! I do hope you will enjoy this garden walk.

 This does not show Spring but does show the view from my craft room.

 I feel like my craft room is in a tree house.

The wild bush in the woods is showing green buds.

 Future day lilies.

 Future hyacinths.

I'm not sure we have ever had daffodils this early.


 I love this double hellebore.

St. Francis and the little iris.

We will have chives for the salad!
 I hope you are  having a good week-end.  If you are a stitcher, hope you have lots of time for stitching. Thanks so much for joining me!

Friday, March 1, 2013

March and the Craft Room

We have had a busy week.  On Mon. we went over to Ikea and got the rest of the craft room furniture. 
The SBA worked hard and got it all together. If you know Ikea, you buy the furniture in pieces and you have to put it together.  It is not expenssive but just fine for a craft room in a spare bedroom.  Tomorrow, I'll show you the view, one of my favorite reasons for using this room. I finished Bunny & Co.  Here was my problem.  I used 36 count R and R fabric. I am not at all happy with the coverage.  If this were not a little seasonal piece I would either forget it or do it over.  Two strands were too thick and one was not thick enough. It will fit in an old frame so I'm not spending any more time or money on it.  I almost did it over but decided that that was silly for a piece that would be out no longer than a month. I still love the design so I may do it over another time. I have decided what to so with the Word Plays.  I have stitched them on 32 count so they are a bit bigger than called for.  I ordered a frame from my favorite framers, Valley House Primitives, and I will change it out each month.

 Here is my start on March. The directions called for stitching the word shamrocks in Walnut.  I thought NO WAY so I have started stitching them in a pretty green!

Here is the partially finished craft room! I love putting family pictures on the shelves I am not using yet. The grouping  is made using 3 units that are 4 squares by 2 squares. 

 I love having my wonderful fabrics where I can see and enjoy them. They had all been stuffed in a closet!

 My cross stitch books and magazines are now out where I can easily find them.

One basket is for things I have partially kitted up.

The desk looks empty but won't for too long. It is still a work in progress. Isn't that a great little shelf for my small TV?  The SBA made it for my room.  He 's such a sweetie!
I hope you will all have a wonderful week-end.  We are still dong the spring cleaning so when spring does come, we can be outdoors!!!