Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring is coming!

First, I want to thank all of you for taking time to read my blog.  If you comment, I try to respond.  I have had trouble sending e-mails to some of you but please do know how much I appreciate the time you take to comment!!
I went for a yard walk two days ago and just have to share my wonderful signs of Spring. The paper said today that we are almost past the time for lowland snow. We live in what is considered the lowlands, not the Cascades or the Olympics. They will still get lots of snow! We had snow only one time this winter and it did not last.  I feel we are very lucky.  Of course, we have tons and tons of gray, misty, dark days! I do hope you will enjoy this garden walk.

 This does not show Spring but does show the view from my craft room.

 I feel like my craft room is in a tree house.

The wild bush in the woods is showing green buds.

 Future day lilies.

 Future hyacinths.

I'm not sure we have ever had daffodils this early.


 I love this double hellebore.

St. Francis and the little iris.

We will have chives for the salad!
 I hope you are  having a good week-end.  If you are a stitcher, hope you have lots of time for stitching. Thanks so much for joining me!


  1. Very pretty Barb - I like the iris with St Francis. It appears that your garden and mine are at the same point in terms of what is blooming.

  2. I always love seeing your flower/garden pics.
    Thanks for showing them.
    The statue ia very pretty with the little Iris.

  3. What a pretty post. I love the daffodils and the
    dwarf Iris underneath the statue.
    Enjoy your spring garden!


  4. your craft room does seem like you are in a tree house! we still have snow with more on the way and i am enjoying every last bit of it. there are signs of spring everywhere though. and the birds think it is spring already!

  5. The garden is starting to wake up! It will be nice to have a lookout spot while you work in your 'treehouse' craft room.

  6. Loved the view! I don't know if I would get anything accomplished or just stare out of my window! I need a maddock and pick to dig a tiny hole for a bulb that rots anyway so I have no spring flowers. You lucky girl.

  7. It is definitely spring at the West Coast! So wonderful to see the first flowers bloom.
    We will get there too, but for now we are awaiting 20cm more snow.

  8. I would take that room with a view any day! We are currently under another storm watch, more snow on the way! Our snow is still waist high, so no spring for us until at least the end of April I am sure. I will live vicariously through you! Keep those spring pics coming! :)

  9. Love the view from your windows. Really nice to see spring flowers. Here in Canada I am still snow covered.

  10. Really lovely spring photos, Barb! We were buried by five inches of snow yesterday, so I fear our spring is a long way off...