Friday, December 16, 2011

Santa Collection

Well, I've been running around like crazy the last few days. I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. We have to get things ready to send to our family in Alabama. We will be staying home this year. Plus, I helped at the school two days this week since the children had a special program. Today was the last day for 2 weeks so it will be a nice break. I decided to do a blog about my Santa collection. I have been collecting them for several years. Now this collection does not compare to my witch collection, but it is fun.

This handsome guy sits on the red blanket chest in our entry. He has vintage toys in his bag.

My sister gave me this one several years ago.

This guy sits in my antique high chair. It is a super chair- old stencils and great old red paint!

This one graces the book shelves.

This big Santa stands by the fireplace.

A few years ago, I made several of these as small gifts. This was the one that the SBA chose.

Here is my favorite.

I always put these on the fireplace mantel. My sister and I found a store that sold these for half price the day after Christmas. It was part of our holiday to go to this store. Our joke was that we often had a family member go with us but they only went once!!!

I have happy memories about doing this with my sister. We now live at opposite ends of the country-me in Washington and my sister and her husband in Florida!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season and thanks for taking a look!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Little bit of Everything Part 2

Well, a fairly busy week-end is over and this looks like a busy week ahead. I volunteer at a school and usually go on Thurs. PM. Tomorrow they are having quite a program to judge what they know about the Constitution-judges and all. I will be going in early to help with the set-up. I think it will be very interesting. As you can see from the pictures, we have had a very sunny day. In fact, according to the weather man we are short 2 inches of rain for the month of Dec. That's really not too good out here. Things that grow depend on our wet winters. Our sun-set is at 4:15. I'll be glad to see the solstice and see our days growing longer. We did get out for a long walk and took some pictures.

This is my prize pyracantha. I'm growing it on the far side of the garage. You can see it as you drive up our street. It is somewhat espaliered.

These berries will stay on for quite awhile.

I have done several of these Prairie Schooler monthly designs. I like them because I can use the same frame for them all . That saves quite a bit of money and time with the framing.

I want to visit one of those little cabins!

This has been done for several years. In fact, I worked on it a lot while we were moving out here. When the SBA was driving, I did this cross stitch. It was a very large count so it was easy to do in the car. It is the Winter Sampler by Butternut Road. I used the recommended floss and fabric. I finished the large blue motif while visiting our family in Germany. I have lots of memories associated with stitching this sampler.

This was the first time I used metallic floss.

The moth is very fuzzy. I had to get a special comb to fluff the wings.

As I was coming down the stairs this morning, I saw this reflection on the wall and thought it was pretty.
Have a great week and GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!