Friday, October 12, 2012

More Halloween and a few cross stitch!

Thank you so much for all those nice things you said about my Halloween decorating.  I look forward to doing it each year.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  I have so many happy memories of Halloween as a child!(Way back in the 50"s)!!!!! We could trick-or-treat alone and eat home made candies with no worries. Oh well, I think I'm sounding old!! Today I have included pictures of the rest of the front yard and porch, as well as the dining room and a few more cross stitch.  Thanks again for joining me!

 I showed these orange whisker pansies before.  Here they are planted with my black pansies.

 That's a better view of the black one.

 I have had this witch for many years.  She does need a new hat!

 This is on the porch between the two wicker chairs.(Notice the little coffee cup).

 This is the SBA's(Super Blog Assistant-he adds the photos) specialty-a very large spider web between the porch posts.

 Welcome to the dining room.  The girls are ready for the big day!(A Folkmanis puppet given to me for Christmas by my DD and SIL).

 My DH bought this for me at a craft fair many years ago in Ohio. She sits in my wonderful antique high chair. I love this chair because it is so well worn.  You can just imagine all the little ones who sat in this chair.

 A recent gift from the SBA's sister in law and brother.

 The dining room table.

 A PS I did many years ago. I probably used the recommended floss and linen for both of the PS designs.

 I love the little old rhyme on this PS.  It hangs in the Powder room.(Sorry it is a bit blurry).
I hope all of you have a wonderful week-end.  We are supposedly getting much needed rain!  Today really feels like fall!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Halloween Suff!

Thank you for all those very nice comments you  made about the Halloween things on my last post.  I always read and appreciate them so much.  And also thanks to all the readers! I decided to continue with the theme of Halloween.  I hope you all are having a good week and will enjoy these pictures.

Here is the Lizzie Kate all framed up.  The frame is sort of mottled black.  I love the way Amy over at Sew Amy finished her mystery sampler.

I have had this wool picture for a long time.  We got it at a sort of primitive/antique shop in Scottsburg, IN when we lived in Louisville.

Here is my antique die-cut witch made in Germany.  You can't tell but it is framed in a sort of 3-D way.

Here is Witchy by The Primitive Needle.  It is framed in a very old frame we found. It is over the desk in the foyer.

My first cross stitch!! I had been piecing a quilt and complained to a friend that I had nothing to do in the car.  She suggested this and I was hooked!!

My first piece done on linen ,25 ct. I think. 

This is my idea of the perfect Halloween front porch!!!!!!

My work in progress.  I am looking for some of those paper balls.The problem is, I need them to be plastic coated to hold up to our moisture.  The paper ones just wilt, I have tried them.

I do love my wreath!

Left side of doorway.

Right side of doorway.
Thanks so much for joining me!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Some Halloween Things!

Thank you all so much for the kind things you said about the owls.  I told my daughter to be sure and read that blog so she can read the wonderful things you said about her work! Thanks to all of you who take time to read the blog!  I don't have much new to show on the Christmas Garden, working around with all those berries just takes time. So I decided to show you a few of my Halloween decorations.  Because I want them up all month(maybe even longer) I put them up before we left. Oh, and thanks for your well wishes regarding the horrid cold.  Good and bad news!! I am much better but the poor SBA has come down with it.  I tried to be so careful -this must be a very contagious bugger!!

 I did this quite a long time ago.  It was a frogging wonder.  I messed up the whole roof up to the peak.  I was teaching full time and it took me a week to pull out all the stitches!! I even had to go to the LNS where I had purchased everything and buy more floss!  I still love it.  The reason for all the bats and ravens- this is a spot that usually holds a big rack with the SBA's mugs and a coverlet.  There are lots of marks and holes. So the bats and ravens cover them up.  They peal right off after Halloween.

 I do love that little iron fence and the broom closet!

I have one of these at each end of our sofa!

 This is the quilt on the back of the sofa.  It was a Thimbleberries design and fabric.

 A very talented quilter(NOT ME) did the long arm quilting.

The entire border is quilted with these pumpkins.
I hope this has been a good week-end for all of you.  It has been beautiful here.  That's not really good, we are getting quite desperate for rain-would you believe that in the Pacific NW???!!! Have a great week!