Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just Some Halloween Things!

Thank you all so much for the kind things you said about the owls.  I told my daughter to be sure and read that blog so she can read the wonderful things you said about her work! Thanks to all of you who take time to read the blog!  I don't have much new to show on the Christmas Garden, working around with all those berries just takes time. So I decided to show you a few of my Halloween decorations.  Because I want them up all month(maybe even longer) I put them up before we left. Oh, and thanks for your well wishes regarding the horrid cold.  Good and bad news!! I am much better but the poor SBA has come down with it.  I tried to be so careful -this must be a very contagious bugger!!

 I did this quite a long time ago.  It was a frogging wonder.  I messed up the whole roof up to the peak.  I was teaching full time and it took me a week to pull out all the stitches!! I even had to go to the LNS where I had purchased everything and buy more floss!  I still love it.  The reason for all the bats and ravens- this is a spot that usually holds a big rack with the SBA's mugs and a coverlet.  There are lots of marks and holes. So the bats and ravens cover them up.  They peal right off after Halloween.

 I do love that little iron fence and the broom closet!

I have one of these at each end of our sofa!

 This is the quilt on the back of the sofa.  It was a Thimbleberries design and fabric.

 A very talented quilter(NOT ME) did the long arm quilting.

The entire border is quilted with these pumpkins.
I hope this has been a good week-end for all of you.  It has been beautiful here.  That's not really good, we are getting quite desperate for rain-would you believe that in the Pacific NW???!!! Have a great week!


  1. Hi Barb,
    Love seeing your Halloween stitches. I did the Haunted house many years ago too, and still love it. The bats are fabulous. What a cleaver way to hide all of the nail holes!
    I also love Be Witch, and I don't think I remember seeing that one. It looks like Shepherd's Bush.
    Your quilt is great too. I have a Thimbleberries Halloween quilt, with some of those same fabrics...we must have been on the same creative wave length back then.
    Have a great day!

  2. I love seeing the decorations and your stitching is so cute!! I love the quilt with the pumpkins and hat in the quilting! Just beautiful!

  3. oooooooooooo love that display and your house is wonderful ... cute broom cupboard :) and gorgeous quilt as well .... your new stash is gorgeous and love those pumpkins .. you will be fine finishing them :) tell your DD her wols are gorgeous ... does she do mice's love mouse xxxxx

  4. What lovely Halloween pieces!

  5. What lovely Halloween pieces. I love it.
    Here in Germany we don't have much for HW! The wave is gone.
    But in my house it' still going on!

  6. Oh, great Halloween pieces!
    The bats look so cool by the house.
    What a neat idea.
    And the quilt is pretty also, great fabric and stitching.

  7. Good Morning Barb!
    Thank you for sharing some of your wonderful Halloween past projects. I love the CEC piece and your bats around it.
    The owls that your daughter made are wonderful. Are they in your fall display somewhere?
    Have a great week!

  8. the halloween house is fabulous! and a wonderful quilt too!

  9. Barb -- Great Halloween decorations! Thanks for sharing:)

  10. I always love seeing your Halloween projects. They quilt is wonderful! love the Halloween themed quilting on it.

  11. Love how you hung your haunted house with the bats and ravens around, what a great idea!

    Your quilt is so pretty too. Love, love, love Fall!

  12. You have so many great Halloween pieces, Barb--you must be a Halloween lover from way back :)

    Sure hope your husband feels better very soon. I feel like I may be coming down with something, too :(

  13. I love the Halloween house, it's have such cute details! Great idea to cover up the holes with bats.

  14. Love it all, but especially the Haunted House...who designed that pattern?