Thursday, October 4, 2012

Owls and Stash

Thanks to all of you who looked at my trip photos!  This morning I had coffee with my DD and she presented me with two adorable owls that she made.  Her business, "Woolpets" has a kit for the owls but she made these especially for me.  I'm a very lucky Mom!  I have also added pictures of the things I bought to add to my stash when we were on the trip. The shop was called Country Cupboard. It is located in Orland Park , Il. The ladies who work there were very nice.  I couldn't resist buying some goodies!

 This is a snowy owl.

 I think they are both adorable! Plus they look great with my Halloween things!

 Here are three of the charts I bought.  First, Bell Flower Quaker Sampler by Little by Little, Quaker Pocket Needfuls by Primitive Traditions, and finally Three Pumpkins Chart #44 by Prairie Grove Peddler.  I thought the last one will be a challenge to me as I'm not the worlds best finisher. My motto has been stitch and frame!

 Here is the one I'm doing for Thanksgiving.  I love the rich fall colors used in the Word Play by With Thy Needle and Thread.

 Here's the current project, The Christmas Garden by BBD.  It doesn't look much like a Christmas Garden yet, but I usually do the border first.  Then I do a happy dance when it matches up correctly.I hope to get this done tonight. Sorry for the dark color of the linen.  I'm using 32ct. antique ivory linen.  It's not that dark at all.

 The floss is GA Endive. I have seen a few of these finished and I think they are lovely.  I'm not going to stitch the words Christmas Garden at the bottom.  I'm going to put in an alphabet.  I have seen that on other sites and then I'll be able to keep it out all year.  It's big and I don't want to do all that work for a short holiday season.
Thanks for joining me . The rotten cold is still plaguing me! I won't be at all sad when I loose that little souvenir of my trip! Have a great Friday!!!


  1. These owls are really cute!
    Hugs from germany

  2. Oh, those little Owls are soooooooooo cute!
    You purchased some great stash.
    Hope you can kick that cold to the curb soon.

  3. the owls are awesome! i love the box with the witch on the fence too.

  4. Wow , those owls are lovely .
    Hope you feel better soon. Love the stash and new project .XXX

  5. I have seen the 3 pumpkins chart before by Prairie Grove Peddler, but know I could never finish them so that they would actually be shaped like pumpkins. Love your little owls, the grey/brown one has such character!

  6. Your owls are so cute! Your daughter is very talented.
    I love your stitching projects as well. I have BBD Christmas Garden, but I haven't had time to start it yet. Maybe seeing yours will spur me on.
    Thanks for sharing all of your lovely things. I'm new to your blog.
    Get well soon.

  7. Love those owls....I got a great closeup of the last picture so I can see the stitching...this is going to be a good reference for me!!!

  8. Love the owls
    And the stash too

  9. Such cute little owls! And your stash enhancement is wonderful too. I've been thinking about the BBD Christmas piece - your border looks great! I like doing the border first too - it feels like you've already accomplished a lot. Have a great weekend-

  10. I just bought Christmas Garden finally, last night! Now I am going to play with fabric at my LNS tomorrow... And those owls are ever so cute! My local Hancocks has some cute owls that I was eyeing the other night, but resisted. I may not if I go again soon! Too cute! Hugs!

  11. Oh, the owls are adorable--your daughter is so talented, Barb!! And I'm looking forward to seeing some of your new stash stitched up along with Christmas Garden.

    Sure hope you can get a lot of rest this weekend and get rid of that nasty cold... Take care now!

  12. Thank you for all the kind words about the owls! I'm sure I inherited some of my craftiness from the Wicked Stitcher herself!