Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Monster Revealed!

Hi there cloud friends!  I hope you are having a day like I am here in the NW.  It is beautiful with a bright blue sky and the trees showing wonderful color.  I decided this would be a good day to post about the Ghoultide Welcome.  I ordered a frame from Valley House Primitives and Janet did an amazing job as usual.  The under tone matches the GA Gingersnap that I used so much in the design. The frame makes me smile every time I look at it.  I love working with Janet.  She goes out of her way to please.

 The final size is 26x16 1/2 inches.

 As I said in a previous post, I learned a lot stitching this design.  I don't really enjoy stitching the same things over and over.  There was a lot of this kind of stitching in this design.  That big plant on the left was probably the most fun.  I absolutely love the way the border looks but I got very tired of stitching it. The second photo shows you the beautiful frame! The last picture shows my huge change.  I could not bring myself to stitch all the grass and background to the letters.  I would have died of boredom.  Implementing the change was not easy. I estimated the wrong location for the second row in the alphabet and it all had to be frogged.  I also frogged the bird on the right side twice!!!!!The chart called for using silk thread.  I used tons of floss.  In fact, I lost count of how many skeins of WDW onyx I used.  The design called for 36 or 40 ct.  I stitched on 32.  Silks would have broken the bank. All that being said, I love the way it looks.  It will be up all year in my craft room!!!! While I love the series, I doubt I will stitch another.  I love Liberty's Welcome but the color  changes would be very difficult for that one.  Again the chart calls for silk.  In Ghoultide, I did not like the DMC conversions so I had to wing it with most of the colors.

 The front porch is ready for Halloween! I had a lot of fun doing it this year.  I guess to make up for last year.

My emergency back surgery was one year ago this Friday.  I had a massage today and he asked about the accident.  Once again I was told how very lucky I am.  When I get a bit down, I try to remember that and thank God everyday for the fact that I am able to walk.  Also thanks to my amazing DH without who's help I would never have made it! Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope you all have a great week!