Monday, June 15, 2015

A Catch Up !

Greetings Cloud Friends!  I hope all is going well with each of you.  We are still very warm and sunny.  As you might have heard, the US Open Golf Tournament is here this week and week-end.  The DH has tickets for the final round on Sun.  I will be home sitting on my lovely cool deck stitching, no golf crowds for me! I have head some people say that they are worried about the world seeing how beautiful it is out here.  The golf course is along Puget Sound , a lovely location.  That plus the week-end is to be sunny and warm, dispelling the myth that it rains all the time up here!
Anyway on to stitching.  I finished ,"In Full Glory" by BBD.  I used linen and threads that I had so I didn't follow the chart. The great thing was, it fit perfectly into an antique frame that the DH and I had bought several months ago.  It is another walnut with a small black inner border.  I love it. 
Since I am still in a patriotic mood, I started Heartstring Samplery's "For Spacious Skies".  I love the big flowers on this design.
I have also added a few pictures of our house on Flag Day and the hydrangea bushes.

 I can't wait till this is all blue!!

Thanks for joining me! Have a wonderful week!