Friday, August 10, 2012

John Foster and the Garden

I really appreciated all your concern for the baby birds.  The good news is, they have all left the nest.  We have found no little bodies so I am thinking they are all safe and doing great.  The nasty basket(their former home) is now in the garbage.  Beth at" Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles " blog gave me lots of good advice! Thanks Beth!
On Thursday I picked up John Foster from the framer.  I am happy with the frame.  I changed the color of the border and the gold in the frame matches the gold in the border.  In my cross stitch world, I finally got Part 2 of the mystery sampler.  That means that" Halloween Town" gets put on hold while I stitch part 2.  I'm determined to keep up with the mystery sampler.
My final pictures show the garden.  It is bursting with color right now. I hope you enjoy the flowers. 

 I like the subtle design on the frame.

Stargazer Lilly

 The hardy fuchsia is full of flowers.

This lily is called Tiger Woods.  I planted it before we all knew what a dork Tiger is.  The SBA still likes him and is very protective of the lily!

 This flower is a sure sign fall is not too far away. This anemone blooms all fall.

My pink version!
I wish you all a great week-end.  We work out at the lighthouse tomorrow.  I will try to get some good photos.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Seattle and New Start!

Thank you to all of you who looked at my cute little owl.  I do appreciate the time you take to look at the blog and I love the comments! I got a message that my Part 2 of the Halloween Mystery Sampler was shipped on Sat.  That's good news! Meanwhile , I needed something to stitch between the parts of the Mystery sampler.  Every year I do a Halloween cross stitch  for my Grandson.  This year I'm doing one from the new Just Cross Stitch Halloween Magazine, Halloween Town.  I found great fabric.

I love the smoky look of this fabric and think it will do very well for a Halloween Town!

Last evening the SBA and I went over to Seattle .  I called it playing tourist.  We just went to the waterfront.  We had dinner and rode the new big ferris wheel.  It was lots of fun.  I'll just be quiet and let you see the pictures we took from the wheel.

Thank goodness these little things were air conditioned!!

Mt. Rainier  and the stadiums where the Mariners and the Seahawks play.

We are headed home on the ferry at sunset.

I will leave off with a view of the beautiful mountain. Hope you all have had a good week-end.