Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Time at The Attic

Thanks to all of you who looked at the photos of my Olympic Stitch and the Desert Museum.  I had planned to share my final desert pictures today and then the DH reminded me of the pictures we took with our small camera.  They were all of the Attic.   When I looked at them , I realized that I should have spent more time there! I missed so much!! I went with a specific agenda.  By the time I had that finished, it was time to go.  Now, I want to go back to see all that I missed !!!!!!

 Because I have more charts than can be stitched in one lifetime, I didn't really look at the charts.  I should have-who knows what I missed?!!

 Look at those walls!!

 Floss heaven!

Somehow I didn't see this at all!
 I hope my stitching friends enjoyed this.  I wonder if the people in Arizona know how lucky they are??!!
Thanks for joining me, more desert pictures tomorrow!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Stitch Project and the Desert

Thanks so much to all of you who looked at my last post and a special thanks to the people who commented.  We spent 6 days in Tuscon visiting the DH'S sisters.  The first full day they took us to the Desert Museum and the Saguaro National Area.  Both were fascinating places.  I had never been to the desert before, at least not that I could remember. My family went when I was very young. I hope you enjoy the photos of this fascinating part of our country. First, I will share what I am stitching while watching the Olympics.

 Here you have "Paper Snowflakes"  by Country Stitches-With thy Needle&Thread.  I am using 32 ct. antique ivory linen and the recommended floss. Once the Olympics are over this will become a WIP since I won't be framing it until next winter. 

 The snow ladies dress is quite the big area.  I love GA Heirloom Gold but I am getting tired of the skirt!

Here we are in the desert so very different from our lush green Pacific NW.  The DH was willing to pose so you could see just how big the cactus's are!!!!

 We took this picture as it was getting close to evening.

 I hope that the Scout leader is nowhere to be found!!! ( Remember the guy who knocked over the very old rock structure!!)

Birds actually make nests in the cactus.

 I would not want to fall into this bush!!!!

 This was quite pretty. I didn't know a cactus could be so pink!

They had a hummingbird area at the Museum.  What a fun place!

 This one just sat on the nest with lots of people looking on.

 I enjoy learning about the local native population when I visit a place.  The rock art has always fascinated me.

Thanks for joining me. I will have a bit more tomorrow!