Friday, May 9, 2014

In Honor of Miss Elizabeth Mary Garbutt

First, I can't thank you all enough for your well wishes.  It means a great deal to me.  Progress on the knee is slow but steady.  I have good news.  Yesterday I finished my copy of the antique sampler.  It was an honor to stitch this sampler once stitched by a little 10 year old girl in England. If you read my blog , you know that I did change colors. Her colors would have not looked at all good in my home and I am a color picky person!!( Sorry Elizabeth) I will explain the only other change we made. 

 Here are the two side by side. 

 On the right side, Elizabeth ran several motifs into each other.  I can't help but wonder why she did this.

 On the left side all was well.

 Here is another close up of the right side.  We ( if you remember, the DH charted this sampler for me on some long cold winter nights 2 years ago) had to decided whether or not to make this an exact copy, to this point we had tried to remain true to her design, mistakes and all.  We decided to separate them just a bit.

 While doing research we found the names of all the children whose initials appear here.  Only one child was born after she stitched this sampler in 1887.

 All Done!!!

 I read somewhere that to age a new house grow vines.  I love old houses so vines were planted.  Here is the Wisteria over the garage.

 Dew on a Hosta leaf.

 This will bloom more than once if you cut it back.  It is called Euphorbia Polychroma.

I hope spring has finally come to everyone!! Have a wonderful week-end! Thanks so much for joining me!