Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cross Stitch and Some Fun

Thanks so much for looking at my blog.  I appreciate the nice comments that some of you left on my last post.  It was wonderful spending a week with our very sweet Grandson.  I have finished the border and all the pomegranates on "This is the Day"  but no photo for that. My only cross stitch picture is the framed April Word Play.  I am doing something I rarely do, work on two projects.  The May Word Play was waiting for me when I got home so I am also working on that  along with the sampler.  I find it very interesting that some of us stitch on many things at once and others are like me and tend to do one until it is finished.
This has been a very busy week in the garden.  My final photos show you what happened yesterday while we were outside.

 The finished April Word Play in its beautiful Valley House Primitives frame! I love the way I can just pop out one finish and add the next one.(The frame is even prettier than it shows in the photo)

 I wanted the daffodils in Word Play to look more like the following two so I used WDW Curry for the yellow petals.   I also used that color to stitch the word Peeps.  When I was in collage(many many years ago) my sweet Mom used to send me peeps.  They were always yellow. So when I see the word peeps, I think of those yellow marshmallow treats!

 My favorite gift store in Poulsbo had this adorable bunny for 50% off.  I had to add him to my white bunny collection! I'm going to put ivy in his basket and keep him out all Spring.

 Here is the funny part.  We have new neighbors.  Look what their dog did while we were working in the yard. 

Now there are two!

The SBA's solution.  We love dogs but I have no idea if these two would run if they got out.  They have two children under two and I know she would not like them out!! We would all be running up the street after them.
I hope all of you have a wonderful week end! thanks for joining me!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Back Home!

We got back home on Sat.  What a welcome home!  The temps were in the very high 60's and the sun was shining brightly.  Easter was much the same just beautiful.  Plus our yard is full of flowers.  We had brunch with good friends on Sun. and have spent the last two days catching up.  Our flight on Sat. left Atlanta at 7am.  To get to the airport 2 hours ahead, well we got up at 3:45am to catch the shuttle from the hotel.  That was 12:45am Seattle time.  To say the least, we were very tired.  As I mentioned before, there were family issues that made this trip important.  One of the benefits was taking care of our Grandson for his Spring break week. Again we were pretty tired after spending 8-9 hours a day with a 7 year old.  But we made more great memories with him.
I did get quite a bit of cross stitching done on the plane and at night.  My dear DIL and I picked out a sampler for the new little Granddaughter coming in June.  She selected Dawson's Sampler by Cherished Stitches. We still have not chosen the colors as yet.  She and the children will be moving into another home so I have plenty of time to get the sampler done. I want the colors to go with fabric she has chosen for the babies room.
I finished April Word Play and will show it all framed tomorrow.  I have a whole month to do May. I bought the additional threads that I will need at a wonderful shop in Decatur, AL called The Cross Stitch Peddler.

We started each day at Starbucks. Grandma is picky about her coffee and hotel coffee is just not quite there! Plus Caleb and Grandpa loved the snacks!

 A photo taken while Grandma was at the cross stitch shop!! Don't they look happy.  They finally came in and dragged me out!!
Another Happy Day about to begin!

I like to do borders on the plane.  I have added the pomegranates since we got home.  Oh by the way, this is the beginning of " This is the Day The Lord Has Made." This is part of my New Year's resolution last year.  That is to appreciate the wonder of each day and  be thankful for all my blessings.

I have changed some colors but will get to that later!
Thanks for joining me .  I'm happy to be back visiting all of you my cloud friends!!