Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cross Stitch and Some Fun

Thanks so much for looking at my blog.  I appreciate the nice comments that some of you left on my last post.  It was wonderful spending a week with our very sweet Grandson.  I have finished the border and all the pomegranates on "This is the Day"  but no photo for that. My only cross stitch picture is the framed April Word Play.  I am doing something I rarely do, work on two projects.  The May Word Play was waiting for me when I got home so I am also working on that  along with the sampler.  I find it very interesting that some of us stitch on many things at once and others are like me and tend to do one until it is finished.
This has been a very busy week in the garden.  My final photos show you what happened yesterday while we were outside.

 The finished April Word Play in its beautiful Valley House Primitives frame! I love the way I can just pop out one finish and add the next one.(The frame is even prettier than it shows in the photo)

 I wanted the daffodils in Word Play to look more like the following two so I used WDW Curry for the yellow petals.   I also used that color to stitch the word Peeps.  When I was in collage(many many years ago) my sweet Mom used to send me peeps.  They were always yellow. So when I see the word peeps, I think of those yellow marshmallow treats!

 My favorite gift store in Poulsbo had this adorable bunny for 50% off.  I had to add him to my white bunny collection! I'm going to put ivy in his basket and keep him out all Spring.

 Here is the funny part.  We have new neighbors.  Look what their dog did while we were working in the yard. 

Now there are two!

The SBA's solution.  We love dogs but I have no idea if these two would run if they got out.  They have two children under two and I know she would not like them out!! We would all be running up the street after them.
I hope all of you have a wonderful week end! thanks for joining me!


  1. Barb, your April Word Play looks great in its frame and your daffodils are gorgeous.Ours are struggling to bloom at the moment.
    it looks like your garden is very tempting to your canine neighbours:)

  2. I have to laugh at that photo of the two dogs trying to escape into your yard! LOL! I would be concerned too though if I had young children around. You just never know. I love your April word play and the changes you made to it. The daffodils are nearly finished here and it makes me sad since they are the happiest flower in my opinion...along with the peeps!!

  3. LOL at those silly dogs! I bet you weren't laughing though. Your Word Play looks great in that fabulous frame. Love the pics of the daffodils too.

  4. What adorable faces peeking up at you! Sadly, I hope they don't keep digging that hole....

    Such lovely pictures of flowers and stitching. We still have about 3 feet of snow everywhere. Such a disappointing spring for us here. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just love that bunny in the wagon
    Pretty daffodils, mine are just peeking out from the ground, should be up soon, I hope :)

  6. April Word Play is very cute - I like the color changes you made and the frame. What a find (your white bunny) - the neighbor's dogs just want to be gardening companions!

  7. The Wordplay looks great in that frame, what a versatile frame for all of them.
    Maybe the doggies just want some attention, but hope they stay out, they could cause some damage to your yard also.
    Cute bunny!

  8. April wordplay looks fantastic in its frame!!!

  9. What a great post, love your Word Play and the pics of the flowers but mostly I love those two dogs LOL how funny they are sticking theor heads undert he fence Hahaha... Good luck on keeping them out of your yard and in their own LOL

  10. That is great how the fame can be switched out with such ease. Wordplay looks really cute & I like how it has a bit of a contemporary look.
    Your neighbors dogs look pretty comfy together as they spy on you doing yardwork. Love the board your hubby rigged up to prevent escape.
    Your wonderful sale bunny is very much like one I bought a few years ago. I currently have several different succulents planted in his basket because mine was not really deep enough to hold much soil. I have mine in the bedroom most of the year and bring him out to the kitchen for Spring. I am sure you will love yours even more once he has some bright green ivy growing in his basket.

  11. Love the flower pictures!! The dog picture is so funny!!

  12. What beautiful daffodils! I love your wordplay finish too.
    The dogs just wanted to come play. I hope that they won't be a problem :)
    Hugs and have a great week!

  13. Your April Word Play is a lovely finish, and I always enjoy seeing photos of your flowers!

  14. Your daffodils are so pretty! And I love your April Word Play and framing. I think that photo of the dog digging into your yard is hysterical! Always up to mischief but certainly cute! Probably a good idea to keep them and the kids on their side of the fence.

  15. Love your April word play ! The dog coming over is too funny ! Beautiful flowers ! wish we had some here :)

  16. Oh, that silly dog!! He looks so relaxed--guess he just wanted to see what you were up to on the other side of the fence...

    Your April WP looks great, Barb--gives me incentive to keep on plugging along on mine! No blooming daffodils here yet--but we're close :)

    Have a lovely week...

  17. oh dear - a sneaky dog! The garden looks great. I'll have to come over and take some pics myself!