Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flowers and Cross Stitch

I just realized that my post title is about two of my very favorite things. The yard continues to get prettier and prettier with more things blooming.  Plus, I'm really having fun stitching "Betsy".  All the different designs were just what I needed. Maybe when I finish, I'll be ready to go back to" Liberty Lane" and the three more houses. I had a wonderful surprise in the mail on Friday.  My frame for the antique sampler came from Valley House Primitives.  I ask them to make frames for my most special designs.  The frame is just perfect.  I'll do a special post to show it to you after we get the stretching done and the whole thing together.  My DH is my stretcher and he never does the stretching until we have the frame.  Today we got the glass and other things he will need to complete the framing.  Plus we made trips to local plant nurseries.  Slowly , we are getting the garden in shape.  It is kind of fun being the planner not the planter! All my physical energy still goes to PT.

 I spotted this at the local garden center last year and knew that I wanted to add it to the garden.  I love the unusual color.  Right now it has 7 flowers blooming on it.  Another 8 seem to be coming.  It is called Magical Encounter.

Our Sambucus nigra is full of buds and several are open. This is either a small tree or large shrub.  It will soon be covered with these pretty pink flowers.

 Rosa Mutabilis with a bee in the center!

 I forgot to mention that I have started my summer decorating(a good sign considering my knee).  I love using the wonderful Woolpets that my DD has made for me.

 My wonderful Crane just fits in my antique fish bowl!

 "Betsy", so far.  In fact, I think I have done a bit more than what shows in this picture.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long week-end.  We will be watching the Memorial Day program on PBS tomorrow evening.  We all need to take time to remember the wonderful men and women who have served our nation on this Memorial Day Week-end!