Thursday, August 28, 2014

SAL Update and Another Road Trip

It's time again for the Thurs. update on "Away We Ride".  I didn't work on it too much this week as I was trying to finish the gift stitch that I had been doing for my friend in Chicago who has also had knee replacement! I'm convinced that anyone who goes through knee replacement deserves a nice gift!!!!  I finished the gift on Tues. and did get time to finish the border on AWR.  That was my stitching goal for this week. 
On Mon., we celebrated our anniversary.  We decided to go to a restaurant very near Mt. Rainier National Park.  In fact it is advertised as the restaurant with the highest elevation in Washington.  We rode a gondola to the top of Crystal Mountain.  We had a great day.  The view was spectacular.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate many happy years of marriage! I hope you enjoy the photos!

 You hop into one of these and up you go to the restaurant! If you ski, this takes you up to some black diamond slopes.

Note the shadow, that's our gondola!

  The amazing Mt. Rainier!

 The Cascades to the left of Mt. Rainier.

 That's a river way down there.

 That little guy was very used to being fed!

 There were places to sit to enjoy the mountain.

 Happy Anniversary!!!!

 After lunch, the clouds started to move in.

 Still snow in a few spots!

 Flowers everywhere!  Thanks so much for joining me today and have a fantastic Labor Day week-end!