Saturday, May 2, 2015

Where does time go?

Hi there cloud friends! Time is just flying by.  It looks like I have been neglecting my blog so here is a quick catch up.  Last Wed. I had my one year checkup for my good old replaced knee.  The Dr. was very satisfied with my progress.  The best news for me was that my right knee looks good!!!  I really feel for people that have to have them both replaced.  I thought it was a big nasty ordeal. Of course, it didn't help that all the pain meds made me sick.  Well, on to happier thoughts.  I have continued to work on  the Mary Jane Smith Sampler.  That's one reason I haven't blogged as much.  There just isn't enough to show very often when you are doing a big sampler.  I have to make a trip to Alabama again.  So I am keeping all the flowers on the border to stitch on the plane.  This will not be a fun trip.  My step-mom has been moved to  the skilled nursing(in the old days , the nursing home )part of her complex.  We have to go down and clear out her apartment.  She is very angry about the whole thing.  The only good part is we will be spending the time with my sister and BIL who live in Florida.
 I am adding some pretty garden photos.  I am really enjoying watching spring come to so many of your gardens!!

 I am not loving  Miss Mary.  However, I saw it finished in a shop and thought it was great so I am continuing to work on her.

 I forgot to show you this wonderful egg my DD, the artist of Woolpets, made for me this Easter. Isn't it wonderful?

 The Wisteria is blooming.

 The first Rosa Metabulis.

 The Golden Rain Drops crab apple has been beautiful this year.  I was weeding under this tree and thought there was a bee hive in the tree as I heard so much buzzing.   No hive just hundreds of bees! I moved away very carefully.

 The peony is now in full bloom.

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope your spring is as pretty as these lilacs!