Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Busy Time!

Hi there cloud friends!  Sorry that I have been so absent from the blog world.  My step-mom down in Alabama passed away on May 18.  Between the business and the planning of a memorial service and then the trip down there, I have just not been in the blog state of mind. We had to fly to Atlanta, drive to Mobile, then turn around 5 days later and do it again in reverse.  I hope to stay off planes for a good long time!  She was a very special lady to me and I'm glad her suffering is over.
I did accomplish the grass on the plane!  It was over 250 stitches for each row and there were 5 rows!! I learned something about what I like to stitch.  The big houses are worth the repetition but row after row of grass was really boring,  It even tired my eyes!!!! I will also show you the small I am stitching.

 Sorry for the crooked grass.  I never press my stitching until I am finished.  I am seriously thinking about making a change in this design.  A big box that says A Ghoultide Welcome is part of the chart.  I am thinking of skipping that part and just having the very pretty border go below the grass.  If not, I will have a lot more of the long rows of fill stitching.  Plus, I kind of like the sampler appearance of it without the words. Stay tuned!

 Here we have"Summer in Nantucket". So far I have only changed the color of the red house.  The chart by Plum Street Samplers called for a sort of reddish brown that I did not like.  I also am stitching on antique white (I have no idea where the color you see came from) so I had to change the whale as it would not have shown up on the off white fabric. I am having lots of fun with this one. 

 I came home to my Mock Orange in full bloom.  The smell is just heavenly!

 The fushias are also in full glory!

I will end with this whimsical little fountain decoration.  My DH rarely sees something he loves.  This little aunt did the trick!
Thanks so much for joining me today and I hope you are all having a good week!