Thursday, August 7, 2014

Weekly Update

It's Thurs. and time for my update on the SAL, "Away We Ride." Yesterday, I started a gift for my friend in Chicago.  This will slow down my SAL stitching for a bit. She had total knee replacement 4 weeks ago and mine is just four months ago.  We have had a great time emailing and sharing our miseries with our knees!! We have been good friends since our daughters were babies and believe me, that's a long time ago!
Our sunny warm weather continues! We have to water the garden at least twice a week.  So now you all know where the Summer is visiting.  We are getting ready for Summer to go visit elsewhere and leave us to our clouds and mist!!!!!!
I'm sharing a few plant photos. As I have mentioned before,  I decided that this year I would cut more flowers to enjoy in the house. So I'm sharing my latest little bouquet with you.  We also bought a new hydrangea a month or so ago.  It is on the deck for at least this year. I think it is beautiful.  Of course, I am a hydrangea lover.
There will be lots of activities out at the lighthouse this week- end as Sat. is National Lighthouse Day.  I will try to get some good pictures for you to enjoy.
Thanks for joining me and have a great coming week-end!
I almost forgot, tonight is the first pre-season Seahawk's game.  Of all teams, we are playing the Broncos! Go hawks!

I was happy to finally get to add some color.

 I love Pumpkin Pie by GA.

The daisies are still blooming along with the black-eyed susans (rubecia).

Pistachio Mophead -Hydrangea.  I love the pink and green combo.
 Thanks for joining me today!