Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seahawk Fever!!!!

With the big game tomorrow, Seahawk fever  has reached a very high pitch.  When you are out and about, at least half of the people you see are wearing some kind of Seahawk clothing.  On my way home from the school where I volunteer, I saw this incredible house.  I took the DH back in the afternoon and the owner was outside.  I explained about this blog and she let me take photos. She was a very nice person and she was having lots of fun!

 Now that's a true fan!!

 The yard was full of Peanuts characters portraying the team.

 One end of her house.

Kearse is the player who caught the final pass in the championship game.

 She made this cheerleader outfit for her very sweet dog!

 The front door.

She invited my DH to pose with the team!

All the rest of the pictures are taken in Poulsbo.  This represents just one little town in the region.  Multiply this spirit by many more towns!

                                                         All that is left to say is:


Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Cross Stitch

Greetings from the very sunny somewhat warm Seattle area.  Really this weather has me concerned.  We are not getting the snow pack we need.  For us, in what they call the lowlands, that means rain.  We are sunny now for almost a week with just a one day exception and that day was only cloudy, no rain.  Well, the weather man says it's because it's an "El Nino" year! I even saw green on my roses.  We just might get an arctic blast and that's another thing that has me concerned. Oh well, you can't control the weather so on to  some cross stitch.

 Last year(actually during the super bowl) I stitched "Paper Snowflakes"  by Brenda Gervais.  I didn't finish it last year.  So after Christmas I got it out.  It was time to decided what to do with it.  Because it is so seasonal, I didn't want to invest in framing so I made it into a pillow for our bed.  I still had that 15 year old fabric that I used in the shams so it made a logical choice for the pillow. I am happy with the results. While in the bedroom I decided to take photos of the pieces that I have in this room.  This is the place where I display many of my finished projects that are not seasonal.

 On one side of the window.

 The other side of the window.

 Above the DH's chest. 

 A corner by a closet.

Last but certainly not least, our Space Needle all bathed in Seahawk colors!! Today they added a giant 12 flag to the top.   Go Hawks!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mostly Cross Stitch

Well, I will be off football for a few days at least. There are some fun things to share about how this area is preparing for the big game, but I'll wait till later in the week.  While many of you are having winter, we are having Spring.Yesterday was the warmest day ever recorded in Seattle in Jan.  It was 63 degrees. I'm going to work a bit in the yard today.  We have a huge bush we want to take down and this will be a great day to do it.  While outside, I plan on taking some photos to share with you but for today, it's about cross stitch.

 This is my first finish for 2015.  It is very different from most of the things I stitch.  It is more like a picture.  I usually prefer a sampler type design.  However, I can't see this without thinking of my dear father who loved to sail and taught us this saying when we were very small. I used all the called for floss and linen. It is a PS design called "Weather Wise".

 After teaching for thirty years, I knew I had to have this book.  It is great with lots of good designs and a very interesting story.

 I have thought about designing a sampler based on the house we had in Louisville, KY.  The house was a very symmetrical colonial.  It would be a very easy and appropriate house for a sampler.  Who Knows?? Maybe??

Well, I almost got through a post without mentioning the Hawks.  We finally bought a flag and the DH is all ready for the big game.
Those of you in the path of this big storm take care and be safe!!