Monday, January 19, 2015

The Day After

First, I must say to all my Green Bay fans, you were awesome.  In fact, you probably deserved to win that game.  A part of my heart(not the biggest part) felt bad for the Packers.  When I read today's paper and read about Aaron Rodgers, I did feel sad.  I do pride myself on being honest so I am thrilled to be going back to the Super Bowl.  We had two very lucky breaks, one, the getting the ball after the onside kick and the other was winning the overtime toss.  No one is mentioning that luck was part of that win, but it was! Here is the front page of our paper.
It was generally a very hard day.  We were awakened at 1:45 am on Sunday morning to a loss of power (our security system warns us with sharp beeps).  It is 10 am Mon. and still no power.  Thank goodness for our old second hand generator!! The game made me so nervous this is what I did:

 What does a girl do when she is a nervous wreck??? She polishes brass!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for putting up with my football obsession.  For a least awhile, I'll be back to cross stitch. I can't promise what I might be up to  the week before the Super Bowl!!!!