Thursday, September 4, 2014

SAL Update another Great Road Trip!!

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on the last update.  I'm really having fun with AWR now that the border is finished.  I also mailed the gift to my dear friend in Chicago. When she gets it, I'll show you a photo.
Today was a beautiful day!! Sunny and temps in the 70's.  We have some very good friends who love Washington the way we do.  So we decided to go to a place called Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park for a late summer picnic.  We had a wonderful day with good friends! I hope you enjoy the photos!

 All I have left is the house and a tree on the right side!

 This beautiful butterfly was on the Yarrow near our picnic site.

 The view from the picnic site.

 Even after all the 80 degree days, there was still snow in these mountains. That is actually a glacier.

   At this point we are at 5580 feet above the Sound.

 Thanks for joining me today.  We are about to open the NFL season here in Seattle! Lots of excitement all around.  Our first game on the way to another superbowl!! Go Hawks!