Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Gift and a Cross Stitch Catch-Up!

 This has been a very busy week.  The class where I work as a volunteer had their big play of the year filled with music and dancing.  They are 4th -5th graders so we had lots of practices.  The big performance was Thurs. evening. I'm not used to getting going so quickly in the morning(thanks to retirement!).  All went well and I'm glad it's over for another year.
Fri. was a great day.  I got my pillow from Carol at the blog "Stitching Dreams".  Carol is a wonderful stitcher and her finishing is amazing.  I was so happy to win one of her lovely creations.  Most of you know of her blog but if not you really need to take a look.  Carol does wonderful things with a needle and linen.
I was also lucky to be able to buy one of Marly's boxes.  She is another wonderful blogger who does great things.  Her blog is called "Samplers and Santas."
Good news, the elf is no longer headless.  In fact, I just need to stitch a back , put in the fluffy white, put the ornament together and send it off to Hannah for her first Christmas!!

 The pillow has an honored place on my antique bucket bench with the little raccoon Woolpet!

 The beautiful pillow, perfect for this week!

 Carol does an amazing job stitching on such a small count linen!

 Instead of gold cross stitches , I used little gold beads.  I am going to use fluffy thread on her coat.

 This is my current project.  I wanted a simple sampler that I could finish by Christmas!
I hope all of you have a wonderful week-end.  We are headed off to take a beach walk.  It has been cold but the sun is out and it is suppose to get to 50 this afternoon!