Friday, August 5, 2011

Wild Flowers of Alaska

I just sat down to choose the flowers that I want to put on the post and there are so many that I think I'll do it in two posts. I am quite a garden-plant lover so naturally the beautiful flowers in Alaska attracted my attention. I think the cool damp weather and the long hours of light encourage beautiful flowers. It was not fully dark till about 11pm. and it was light by 4am. We are well past the solstice so for quite a few months the plants have had many hours of light! I am not sure of all the names but will do my best.

The beautiful Alaska fireweed. There were fields of this lovely plant.

This was a very delicate plant, not sure the name.

This very tall large plant looked a bit like queen ann's lace.

I believe this is wild yarrow.

This was a large bush like plant. We only saw this near Exit Glacier.

Wild columbine

More beautiful fireweed.

This looked like wild sweet pea.

This is not wild but I wanted to show how tall the blue delphinium grew, up to the roof of a very nice cafe.
Thanks again to all of you that are still on the trip. Doing this part of the blog brings back happy memories for me.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Anchorage, AK

I am finally getting ready to finish my blog about our wonderful trip to Alaska. One reason it has taken me some time as we had hardwood floors put in our family room while we were gone. This also involved sanding the kitchen and refinishing that room too. We came home to all the furniture in the dining room and some dust although, the fellow who did the floors was as careful as possible with the dust. I also had 10 days of dead-heading to do in my garden! Enough excuses! As you can imagine, Anchorage was not as beautiful as other places we visited. It was a very touristy town. I did find some things worth a few photos.

Add ImageI find ravens and crows very interesting so I couldn't resist this sign.

Here we have a bear dressed in Alaska themed fabric.

Another raven -bear advertisement of sorts. The following pictures have no political overtones as far as I'm concerned. I just thought they were funny no matter your politics!

We only saw Sarah Palin stuff in Anchorage, no where else in Alaska.

These beautiful flowers were everywhere. I don't think I've ever seen so many pretty flowers in a city!

This was a nice tribute to the Iditarod dogs.

The Alaska railroad is an important form of transportation in Alaska. People we met in Seward had traveled there from Anchorage.

There is a great bike-walking path along the water in Anchorage. We saw these interesting birds. Someone told us they were a type of Crane. We need to check our bird book!
I'll try to get the wild flower walk on tomorrow. Thanks again to our loyal followers on this trip!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back Home but not done!

Hi To all you wonderful people who have followed this trip. We are home but I have two more posts. We were not able to blog in the hotel in Anchorage last night. It took 5-8 minutes to load one picture! The SBA refused to take all that time. I want to post photos from Anchorage-some funny pictures. I also want to post the wild flowers of Homer. They were just beautiful and too many to add to the other blogs. So , hopefully we will get things going tomorrow. Thanks again for going on this amazing trip with us!