Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Northwest Obsession!!!

If you live any where near Seattle , I'm sure you have heard (many times) about a football  game tomorrow. (SeaHawks vs the 49er's for the NFL title). It has been fun seeing how involved and excited everyone has become.  We have what is known as the 12th man.  These are fans.  I should say REAL fans.  At the stadium, they try to register on our earthquake monitors. They have done so twice.  They also have broken  the noise level at a stadium and are in  the book of Guinness World Records. I'm here to tell you it is even very noisy on the TV, almost too loud for my liking. The 12th man does include all fans, even those who can't get tickets to the games.  As we were doing errands I took some pictures just to give you an idea of what is going on out here.

 These cookies are in honor of two favorite players, Lynch, who they call the beast, and Wilson, the cute young quarterback.

 Just to honor the fans.

These are from another bakery, the one in Poulsbo.  In fact, all the rest of the pictures are from Poulsbo.

 All kinds of memorabilia from the window of a little gift/antique shop.

 A great little coffee shop!

 Same little coffee shop.

 Our great little book store.

 Another coffee shop.

Even the Viking who welcomes everyone to Poulsbo is a fan today!

A private home on our street.

My favorite 12th man.  GO SEAHAWKS!