Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 7

This is our last full day in Homer. We are beginning to get pretty tired so decided to have a somewhat low key day. We wanted to do some beach walking so we went north to a little own called Anchor Point. The owner of the B and B suggested a few galleries that are very nice in this small town. We did go to them and found the art very nice, not too expensive,and the owners very friendly. The beach was beautiful. It was sandy so we could walk quite far. As usual here in Alaska the views were amazing! We went for wild flower walk in the afternoon. I'll do a post later showing the flowers. We had dinner up the road and I have a few good pictures from there.

If you remember, Mt. Redoubt had quite an explosion not too long ago. This volcano was visible from the beach.

This was a very interesting way to launch a fishing boat!

Their off!

Beautiful designs in the sand!

All done with this fish!!!!!!!

We stopped at a funky little espresso stand! Love the sign!

The SBA having his usual treat! If I had treats like that I'd weigh 300 pounds!!

At the same stand, typical of the things we have seen.

A wild flower meadow, that's lupine.

This is a view from the deck. We Blogged and read here this afternoon.

This is the little town where we had dinner. The flower baskets were lovely!!!!And at a post office of all things!

The perfect sight to end a great day! Thanks again to all of you that have come with us!

Day 6

Today we took a boat ride to a small village called Saldovia. There are no roads. The only way to get there is by plane or boat. We took a boat in order to see more sea life. The village was small. Part of it has been rebuilt since the 1964 earthquake. That part was not too interesting. However, the older part had the old board walk and the houses on stilts pre-dating the earthquake. This part of the town was much more interesting. The trip was about 1 1/2 hours from Homer. On this vacation we have seen some amazing wildlife and we were not disapointed this time. We happened upon a whole group of sea otters resting on kelp. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Views from the boat going over to the town.

Here they are!!!!

These guys are so cute! They are making a slow come back after the Exon-Valdez tragedy!!Many , many were killed! They depend on their fur to keep warm in these frigid waters. The oil penetrated their fur and caused the death of so many!

We are now entering Saldovia.

The native tribes are very apparent in this small town.

Just a little pocket beach.

How's this for a little patriotic spirit?!

Here is an exmple of the houses on stilts. We had coffee in a cute little book store on stilts.

Time to get the boat back.

I thought this blog would end there till we saw this 310.6 pound halibut!!!! Boy, that's lots of great eating!!!!!!
Thanks again to all of you going on this trip with us. Wish you were here!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day five

Here we are in Homer! About 4500 folks live here in the town. Most stay year around. There is a large sand spit where most of the fishing boats are located. It is very beautiful with lots of mountains and water. There is an eagle nest across the street from McDonalds. We got several good pictures.

Not sure if this is Mom or Dad eagle! Both take care of the kids!

We went for a drive and these two glaciers are very obvious.

I wanted to show how tall the fireweed is, so Jim stood by the pretty flowers.

This is a photo of the Homer spit.

This was a real cute little cafe that had marvelous halibut sandwiches.

Another glacier view. We saw all this and the following pictures on an evening drive.


There was a beautiful valley between the road and the water and mountains. They were growing hay. Notice the skulls !
Thanks to you folks that are following our trip! We appreciate it very much.
By the way Kevin, we are going to Timeless Toys tomorrow! We'll take photos!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 4 Seward to Homer

Yesterday we spent most of the day traveling from Seward to Homer. It's about a 3-4 hour trip, but we stopped several times so it took much longer. Seward was a very quaint little town and Homer is much bigger. You see Mc Donalds on the way into town. Of course, not every McDonalds has an eagle nest as this one does! I'll have pictures of that tomorrow. It ws raining but we managed to check out the spit-a long area of land that reches out into the Bay. We also made plans to travel to a small town that is only available by boat or plane. We will do that Thurs. or Fri.

Not your typical view on a road trip!

A fun little town called Moose Pass.

Love that sign!!!!!

This is a very old Russian church bult in the late 1800's in a small town called Kenai.

Don't think that will fit in my New England type yard!!!

Woolpets in Homer

I am interrupting my day by day blogs. Last night we arrived in Homer, AK. We were looking around the spit area and went into a few shops. This one in particular sold smoked fish and a few very nice gifts on the side. I was browsing around when the SBA said ,"Oh my gosh, look at this." There was a shelf of Woolpet kits. I was so happy, I felt like my dear daughter and son-in-law were here with us for a minute. Maybe Dad,(also known as the SBA) had stickered those kits. Well I'll get on with the daily posts a bit later. Enjoy the pics.

Here is the store.

Close up of the sign.

There they are!

In good company

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3 and 4 Seward and Exit Glacier

Thanks for all the nice comments.Kevin, you really made me laugh. We are putting the last 2 days together so I don't get so far behind. Seward is one of the fishing capitals of Alaska. They fish all day and about 5 you can watch them weighing the catch of the day. As a town, Seward is small. We had a very rainy period so we did a bit of shopping. The only place that had less shops was Forks, WA. Since the "Twilight" series, Forks is probably much more active!!!!

This is the B andB.

A very rainy day! The clouds and the mountains were still pretty.

A cute tile puffin

This stream was full of salmon and walking distance from the b and b.

The outflow plain from the glacier.

The beautiful glacier blue.

The moose ate the bark in the winter by scraping it with his bottom teeth.

The glacier made these piles.

The marks were made by the receding glacier.

On day 5 we are off to Homer!