Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Monday, July 25, 2011

An evening drive

This is bit out of order as I'm a few days behind. However we went for a drive after dinner. A good title would be from the sublime to the ridiculous. We'll start with the funny.

In a previous blog I showed a cruise ship that we were not on! Here are a few more places that we are NOT staying in.

This goes with the first picture! Not quite the ritz!

Another luxury location.
Now to the sublime!

A little sea otter having dinner

The sun finally came out. It's 10:46 and still quite light outside! Good Night!


  1. i think i would pass on staying at that place too! too funny! you are in heaven. it is gorgeous there! show more! show more!

  2. I'm so proud of you guys - up there in the wild country having the adventure of a lifetime! and - great blogging! Keep the photos coming- I enjoy them.

  3. I think Laurie use to work at that "backpackers" motel. Your pictures are great Barb. Looks like you and Jim are having a blast!