Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 3 and 4 Seward and Exit Glacier

Thanks for all the nice comments.Kevin, you really made me laugh. We are putting the last 2 days together so I don't get so far behind. Seward is one of the fishing capitals of Alaska. They fish all day and about 5 you can watch them weighing the catch of the day. As a town, Seward is small. We had a very rainy period so we did a bit of shopping. The only place that had less shops was Forks, WA. Since the "Twilight" series, Forks is probably much more active!!!!

This is the B andB.

A very rainy day! The clouds and the mountains were still pretty.

A cute tile puffin

This stream was full of salmon and walking distance from the b and b.

The outflow plain from the glacier.

The beautiful glacier blue.

The moose ate the bark in the winter by scraping it with his bottom teeth.

The glacier made these piles.

The marks were made by the receding glacier.

On day 5 we are off to Homer!

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  1. i loved seeing the picks of the glaciers! the mounds the glaciers make are called moraines. glaciers are so fascinating! have fun and i will watch for more pics!