Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woolpets in Homer

I am interrupting my day by day blogs. Last night we arrived in Homer, AK. We were looking around the spit area and went into a few shops. This one in particular sold smoked fish and a few very nice gifts on the side. I was browsing around when the SBA said ,"Oh my gosh, look at this." There was a shelf of Woolpet kits. I was so happy, I felt like my dear daughter and son-in-law were here with us for a minute. Maybe Dad,(also known as the SBA) had stickered those kits. Well I'll get on with the daily posts a bit later. Enjoy the pics.

Here is the store.

Close up of the sign.

There they are!

In good company

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  1. Timeless Toys in Homer just got a large shipments of kits on Monday too. Stop by and say hello for us, will ya? You just can't seem to get away from us can you? Hahahahahaha!