Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day five

Here we are in Homer! About 4500 folks live here in the town. Most stay year around. There is a large sand spit where most of the fishing boats are located. It is very beautiful with lots of mountains and water. There is an eagle nest across the street from McDonalds. We got several good pictures.

Not sure if this is Mom or Dad eagle! Both take care of the kids!

We went for a drive and these two glaciers are very obvious.

I wanted to show how tall the fireweed is, so Jim stood by the pretty flowers.

This is a photo of the Homer spit.

This was a real cute little cafe that had marvelous halibut sandwiches.

Another glacier view. We saw all this and the following pictures on an evening drive.


There was a beautiful valley between the road and the water and mountains. They were growing hay. Notice the skulls !
Thanks to you folks that are following our trip! We appreciate it very much.
By the way Kevin, we are going to Timeless Toys tomorrow! We'll take photos!


  1. wow....i am loving this trip so much! the glaciers are awesome! this is the perfect trip for me to go on with you since i am stuck in this endless upper 90 heat with high humidity and can't do much except sit in the garden room all day watching the puppy heal. i want to go to that cafe and eat a halibut sandwich. that place looks too cool! could we extend this trip until the puppies healing is over?

  2. The photos of the glaciers are wonderful! Hope you guys are enjoying the scenery. BTW, did you know I hitchhiked that very road you're driving? almost 20 years ago! From Anchorage to Homer!