Monday, July 25, 2011

Day Two Kenei Fjords National Park

While still at home, I read that you might need reservations to go out on one of the boats to the Keni Fjords National Park which is only reached by water unless you re an extremely good hiker. We checked the weather by google and saw that the last day without rain while we were to be in Seward was Sat. so we made reservations for a 9 hour trip to see one of the most remote glaciers and all the wildlife on the way. It was the trip of a lifetime considering all the amazing things we saw. We took almost 250 pictures so I'll try to pick the 10-15 best!

This was the boat we took, very nice and knowledgeable crew!

An adorable sea otter eating an octapus!

A pod of orcas

A home for Steller Sea Lions to raise their pups. They gather here so ,as a large group, the pups will be safe.

We were very lucky to spot fin whales. This is a fairly rare sight.

Harbor seals sitting on glacial ice.

The tail of a mighty humpback whale!!!!

The famous bird of Alaska, the puffin.

I can't remember the name of these birds, but they look like miniature penguins.

Our destination, the beautiful Northwest glacier seen only by 300,000 people! Not on our boat thank goodness, but in the history of the glacier.

We were lucky enought to see calving, it sounded like an elplosion!

These guys are sure cool!!!!

Here is the super blogging assistant to be known as the SBA in future blogs! He loads all my pictures!

Thanks to you folks that are following my trip!!!

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  1. Wow! looks like you guys are having an incredible trip - especially to be able to see all of the wildlife! Nice photos, too! Have fun!