Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hi Cloud Friends!( Remember that's the name my DH has given to all of you).  I hope it has been a nice week-end.  I am sure the weather has gone completely crazy.  I know rain exists because I have read about it on your blogs.  I sure haven't seen it around here for so long!!-Yes this really is the Seattle area!  Everything is turning brown unless it gets watered.  That ,plus our temps are ranging 10 degrees above normal.  I am watering my garden and that's about it.  So you will see some of the flowers that are blooming now. 
I'm still working on  For Spacious Skies by Beth Twist of Heartstring Samplery.  I have made lots of changes to the cottage.  I want it to look like a Nantucket cottage so I have gone from browns to greys.  I will most likely finish it this week. 
I also want to wish all the fathers a very happy day.  My DH has gone to the US Open at Chamber's Bay so he will not be around at all.  I hope he has lots of fun.  I put the photo of the St. Francis in my garden on the blog today.  This is to honor the memory of my wonderful Dad who always had one in every garden that  he grew!

 I did lots more on the house last night.   The grey does show up better than on this photo.

 I love day lilies.  However, we have been hit with a very nasty bug, the hemerocallis gall midge.  It deforms the buds.  These two aren't as affected as some of my other day lilies.

 My DH has a great sense of humor.  He saw this little guy in a garden shop and just had to add it to the garden!

 I think this has been the best year for the Mock Orange.  It is almost finished blooming and I will miss it's wonderful scent!

I love you Dad and I will always miss you.

Thanks for joining me today and have a wonderful week!