Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Thanks for joining me on this festive day.  I hope you all have fun tonight.  We will have lots of trick-or-treaters.  My DH,DD, and SIL will join me on the porch passing out the goodies. The rain has finally stopped! Well, this is far from all the Halloween things I have stitched.  My little grandson has one for each year until this year-that means he has 8.  This collection does cover many years.  I first started stitching when I quit quilting because of arthritis in my hands so that goes way back. These are in no particular order. Thanks again for taking your time to look at them.

 This little gem took one week of frogging!!! I did the whole second floor and as I worked to the top, it did not work. I had missed one stitch a so I could not reach the peak!

 My first Halloween stitch!

Obviously not a cross stitch but my favorite Halloween photo! He was two when this was taken.  Now he's 9.

 Again a very Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Autumn Day in the Northwest

We finally had a nice break from the rain so the DH and I went on a short road trip down to Tacoma.  Tacoma has a great walking/biking trail along it's waterfront.  Plus, there are lots of nice little cafes and places to eat. The color was very pretty.  I hope you enjoy this short walk !

 There was just enough fog and clouds to make Mt. Rainier interesting over the city.

 The mountain often gets those circular clouds over the top.  They look just a bit like space ships.

 We're home now.  The best color I have in the yard comes from my grape vine.

You've heard of the last rose of summer?  Well, I think this is the last hydrangea of summer.

Tomorrow I have planned a post showing  all the Halloween cross stitch I have done, I hope you will join me!