Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Finish and a Walk in the Garden

I actually finished the pumpkin stitch today.  I think I will just hold my comments until the pictures.  We had a wonderful afternoon today.  We have had several days with some rain(I'm not complaining) but this afternoon was sunny and warm so I took the trusty camera and went for a walk in my garden.  We have not had a frost so things are still pretty,  I hope you enjoy.

 I'm really not very happy with this.  It looks more like a cylinder than a pumpkin.  Plus the pearl cotton that was used for the ribs didn't look like ribs at all to me.

 Here is another view.  This was the medium size pumpkin.  I doubt I will make the small or large one.

 Then I looked at the pattern thinking I had done something wrong.  Well, they all look like cylinders on the picture.  So I guess I did ok.  I still think I'm done with this project.

 The next few pictures are my dahlias.  They are still blooming very well.

 Here we have a rubeckia.  It has produaced lots of flowers this summer.

 Our blueberry bushes have amazing color.

I will end this post with this cute little black spider.  It was on my Halloween door mat, just the right spider to be on a Halloween door mat! 
 Have a wonderful week-end!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A WIP and Some Fall Pictures!

Fall finally seems to have come to the Pacific NW.  It hasn't been 80 for some time, thank goodness. We have had several mornings with fog and that makes great conditions for photographing spider webs! I think those spiders  are nature's engineers! Sorry, I could not get the photo with the web to show on the blog.
For my current project I choose another design from a  BBD  chart. It is from the booklet ,"Sisters".  When BBD came out with their designs last Fall, I could not resist them. I'm working on " At First Cock's Crow."  This is very much a Halloween piece, both the words and colors speak Halloween! I like that it has the look of a sampler.
My DH and I  went on a little road trip to a pumpkin patch last week. I think we were the only people there without children! We stopped in a shop and I saw my last purchase(hopefully) for this Halloween season, a great witch dummy board!

At First Cock's Crow by BBD.  I am using the suggested floss but I had a nice piece of left-over Lambswool 32 count, so that is the linen.

I love the GA color Fragrant Cloves.  It is such a pretty orange.

I always wanted a dummy board  in front of the fireplace.  This is the perfect size.

 A pumpkin patch is the epitome of Fall for me. 

Is there a better way to end a great day than with a sugar -free mocha at one of your favorite coffee places?

Thanks for joining me today!!! Have a wonderful week ahead.