Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Finish and a Walk in the Garden

I actually finished the pumpkin stitch today.  I think I will just hold my comments until the pictures.  We had a wonderful afternoon today.  We have had several days with some rain(I'm not complaining) but this afternoon was sunny and warm so I took the trusty camera and went for a walk in my garden.  We have not had a frost so things are still pretty,  I hope you enjoy.

 I'm really not very happy with this.  It looks more like a cylinder than a pumpkin.  Plus the pearl cotton that was used for the ribs didn't look like ribs at all to me.

 Here is another view.  This was the medium size pumpkin.  I doubt I will make the small or large one.

 Then I looked at the pattern thinking I had done something wrong.  Well, they all look like cylinders on the picture.  So I guess I did ok.  I still think I'm done with this project.

 The next few pictures are my dahlias.  They are still blooming very well.

 Here we have a rubeckia.  It has produaced lots of flowers this summer.

 Our blueberry bushes have amazing color.

I will end this post with this cute little black spider.  It was on my Halloween door mat, just the right spider to be on a Halloween door mat! 
 Have a wonderful week-end!!!!


  1. Kudos for your complicated finish. I am sorry you were disappointed as it does look very much like the chart photos. Your dahlias are lovely and am glad to find someone else who does not immediately stomp on spiders!

  2. Love your pumpkin, but your flowers are stunning, i love the way Dahlias last into October with their stunning flowers.

  3. Your pumpkin shape certainly does look like the illustration Barb. I love the design motifs,would make a lovely Hallowe'en sampler.
    Beautiful flowers,my garden is not looking this colourful thanks to rain,wind and a lot lower temperatures this month.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Wow I love your pumpkin so much and its looking so lovely
    Big hugs xx

  5. I think it looks cute.
    Love the stem.
    Your Dahlias are just beautiful.
    They remind me of my Grandma, she had some gorgeous ones too.

  6. Love your pumpkin ! Your flowers are beautiful Barb ! Have a great weekend !

  7. I quite like your pumpkin, it does look like the ones on the chart :) It's handmade and full of charm, be proud of your finish!!!

  8. I really like the pumpkin! Very clever way of stitching and I think it looks rather lovely! Just look at your flowers! We have had frost, so not much is still blooming although we have had great temps that last week or so. But we know the inevitable is coming! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. I think you made your pumpkin right, it looks just like the ones on the chart. And I have to admit that I do love it. It has such beautiful motives and maybe you would not see them so perfectly well if the shape was different.

    You still have wonderful flowers in your garden, and their colours are so beautiful, so autumn-y.

  10. I love your pumpkin, I did find a real pumpkin once that look tall with flat top and bottom, your is adorable.
    Love the flowres pictures, they are beautiful.
    The spider looks oh so icky.


  11. I love your pumpkin! the stem is fabulous! I might have to make one! Your flower picturres are lovely as usual!

  12. The pumpkin is a bit cylindrical, but it is darling! Your flowers are lovely (I think we may have one in common in our gardens!) And your spider is appropriately creepy for Halloween. (He leaves me wondering if I could manage to stitch one equally creepy...)

  13. I like the pumpkin - they do come in all shapes and sizes! And, what beautiful fall flowers! Nice pictures.

  14. Your pumpkin project does look like the designer's picture--you did fine! I love the flowers! Gorgeous! Hugs!

  15. Love the pumpkin, it looks exactly the same as the ones on the chart. Perhaps it is more of a "suggestion" of a pumpkin. Great stitching nonetheless. Beautiful flowers.

  16. I love your flowers! Everything here in Texas is dying. I think you pumpkin is cute.

  17. I think your finish looks every bit as cute as those on the chart, Barb!! Really! Good for you for attempting a difficult finish like that--I am to chicken :)

    How I wish we had your flowers--I would always have a smile on my face!

  18. Beautiful flowers but yes, those pumpkins are definitely cylinders! Yours looks great, though.