Friday, October 9, 2015

Part 2

Ok, since you were all so great about my back, I decided to share the "new" news! Not good at all.  After going to the local ortho last Tues. she said the original diagnosis was not correct and promptly arranged for me to see a back expert in Tacoma.  He has practiced at the big hospital in  Seattle.  The upshot of a cat scan etc , is that I am having back surgery next week in order to stabilize the vertebrae. I am thankful that up to this point, no serious damage has been done.  Sometimes you just have to count your blessings! I will be looking at all your blogs as I can but probably no posting.  I am in this miserable brace until the surgery.  So thanks again for all your positive thoughts !

Monday, October 5, 2015

I'm Back! (Sort of)

I always thought my cloud friends were the best but you all just proved it!!! I can't thank you enough for all the get better wishes you have sent my way.  It's been hard not to be depressed and your comments did more than you can imagine to keep me on the right track. I am better each day but it is a slow and painful process. Well that's enough of that.  I have been able to stitch and just before we left on that ill-fated trip, I got my Thine is the Trick or Treat framed.  So I do have some stitching to share with you today.

 Here is the PS "Trick or Treat".  As I mentioned, this is for my grand children so I have added some glitz. It's hard to see on here but the orange head and the green in his outfit are stitched with metallic threads.  That just proves how much I love those children because the metallic threads have been a pain to stitch with.  The orange floss was especially difficult.  It kept falling apart. I also bought buttons to add to the design.  I stitched enough that we could order a frame so I do hope they will get it before Halloween!

 Here is my lovely frame by Valley House Primitives.  This is proudly hanging above my fireplace!

I'm sorry that the true wonderful colors don't show up.  It looks muddy here and the under color is really a warm old gold ! Much prettier than the picture.  Thanks Janet for your amazing work! 

Well, that is about it for today.  I hope those of you in the East are staying safe! Thank you again for all your encouraging comments! You are the BEST!