Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Cross Stitch Update

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post.  The DH thanks all of you for the kind Happy Birthday wishes.
 I wanted to show you my progress on the antique sampler and show my next (the hospital) project.  We have so many decisions to make -the DH is my color helper- on the colors on the antique sampler that I am not taking it to the hospital.  I wanted something easy and direct.  I will finish the antique sampler as soon as I get home.

 Very close to being finished!

 I think her saying was just charming.

I love this!  We are all so careful.  This was how a ten year old did stitching.

She carried her threads all over the place.

I really like this design.  On the chart, the red and blue look a bit too pastel for me.

So I'm using a deep red and blue, more the traditional red, white and blue.
While I'm in the hospital getting that new knee, I hope to get lots done on this project.
Thanks for joining me today!  Have a great Easter week-end!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

What Happens on a 70 degree, Sunny Sunday in the Pacific NW

This was a picture perfect day and it happened on a week-end!  Lucky for all the workers in the area.  Usually this kind of day is on a Monday. We had a wonderful day.  This was the DH's birthday which made it even better.  Our day started with a good Palm Sunday Service at our Church.  From there, we decided to go down to Tacoma and walk on the waterfront path. We had a nice lunch at a little cafe right on the water.  You could see the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge from the restaurant.  I think it will be best if I just let the pictures talk for me.

 The Narrows Bridge

 Beautiful Mt. Rainier watching over Tacoma.

 Folks were riding ferries!

 Playing on the beach


Renting the diving suits( No we did not do this!)

  Looking at beautiful flowers

 Playing on the water in all kinds of boats!

Enjoying the weeds that were everywhere!

 Watching commerce, even on a day like this business goes on.

 Coming home with a Skinny Mocha to enjoy on the deck!  Happy Birthday to my sweet DH!

Just a bit of cross stitch,  the last row shows all the family initials.  Only one child was born after Elizabeth stitched her sampler.  These initials helped us to identify the family.
I hope your week-end was lovely and you have a great week-ahead!!