Friday, March 30, 2012

Old Huntsville

Yesterday we went into the old part of Huntsville. The houses in this part of town range from the early 1900's to as early as the very early 1800's with a few newer ones thrown in for good measure. However, I will start the post with a funny photo. If you have read my blog, you know how chilly it has been in the Pacific NW. It is very warm here, in the 80's. In an effort to keep us comfortable the Son and DIL have kept the air on. Well, the other night I guess it was a bit much for a little Alabama boy. While we were finishing dinner, he went quietly upstairs and got his pillow and blankets , brought them down, and laid by the oven. I(being the one who hates the heat) took quite a teasing! That' s the first photo!

Notice the white azaleas plus a lovely white dogwood.

I love this idea. I have a piece of leaded glass at home, I think I'll try it on the porch.

I love this porch!

A pink dogwood with lots of spring bulbs.

This trim amazes me!

This is the SBA's favorite.

This is my favorite,very early 1800's.

These are early poured bricks on the above house.

I love this door!

This is a formal garden but so pretty, it reminds me of Williamsburg.

Steeple on a church 150 years old.

This fan is on a house called the Weeden House. It is a museum.

Beautiful white dogwoods.

A lovely cherry, I must look this one up!
Thanks for joining me and I love the comments. Thank you so much!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cross Stitch and Grandson

"From Every Mountainside"is almost finished. Since we will be gone for about 10 days, I left it home. There is a bit of detail left and I like to do more fill in type stitching on the plane so I will finish this when I get home. I brought the "John Foster" sampler with me and I am filling in the roof on the plane and working on the house as I have time during my visit. I like the way this one is turning out . I have changed the colors quite a bit. I'm also adding a few first day pictures of our visit here in Alabama.

I really need a new camera! These colors look drab compared to the way they really look.

Huntsville is known for it's space center. So here is Caleb at the visitors center. We always go there to get the coupons for the attractions that we like to attend.

It was lunch at "5 Guys",Caleb's choice. Great burgers!

Today we went to the science center-one of Caleb's favorite spots! Here he is making bubbles with Grandpa.

More fun!
Tomorrow I plan to have some flower photos! The dogwoods are in bloom and everything is so pretty! Thanks so much for taking a look!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Trip

This is just a quick blog to let you know that we are in Alabama visiting our son,daughter-in-law, and sweet Grandson, Caleb. I had to dig out summer clothing as we are not used to this warm weather! At the end of the week, we will be going down to Mobile to visit my 90 year old Step-Mom. I will try to get posts of all the lovely old homes in Huntsville and of course, Caleb! Thanks so much for taking a look!! Oh, I'm also excited as there are two nice cross stitch shops in the area. Do you think a 6 year old would enjoy that!!?? Think I'll leave him and Grandpa home!