Saturday, February 22, 2014

Very Special Things

Today  I want to show you some very special things that the DH's sisters have given to us.  We have an assortment of baby things from his family.  The problem is that we have no idea who most of the tings were made for.  Our best guess is that one of his Grandmothers made several of the items because  both loved to crochet. I washed them carefully and we made special hangers for the clothing as they were very small.  Even some baby hangers might have been too big.  I have seen old baby clothes displayed in rooms so that is what I hope to do with them.

 This appears to be a Christening gown.  There are tiny old buttons on the back.

 This shows some of the detail on the top of the dress.  There is also lace around the neck.

This is a sweet little coat with fairly large pearl buttons .

This little dress is more of a toddler size. The DH covered wooden dowels with ribbon after putting a hook from and old white hanger on the top.  That is how we are hanging the items.

 His Dad was very premature and fit into this little doll size suit.  My DH remembers a pictures of his Dad in this suit with his head fitting into a tea cup.

The gloves are beautifully crocheted and would fit a small child's hand.

 I just love this little baby hat.  I wonder what baby this was so lovingly made for.  

The pink in the ribbon makes me think it was for a girl, but who knows.  We so wish that the DH's Mom were still with us so we could ask her about these special things.  

I am closing in on my Olympic finish.  I hope I'll have it ready to show you as the Olympics are finishing up.
I hope you are all having a great week-end.  We are having a cold rainy one, perfect for finishing my stitching!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Opposites! Snow Lady and the Desert!

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I am finally getting around to my final desert trip photos. But first, good news, I finally finished the snow lady!! What a lot of solid stitching!  She is worth it.  I am liking this design more and more as I stitch it.  I will explain the final Arizona pictures as I go.

This is the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac .  It was completed in 1797.  It rises up right out of the flat desert.  

They  are working on the front of the Chapel.

A beautiful ceiling just full of paintings!

The benches show the strong Spanish influence. 

 All of the walls are covered with beautiful paintings and carvings.

This hill is right outside the museum.  No, we did not climb it.  We were headed to Tubac and did not take  the time. The Mission is still an operating Church.

Tubac is a charming little artist town very near the Mexican border.   They were having an art show the next week-end!  Bad timing for us, I would love to have been there for the show.

Again, a strong Spanish feel to all the art.

Great painting of an owl on an old piece of wood.

Isn't he cute? Maybe St. Francis?
I hope you enjoyed the Arizona photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.