Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Finish Finally!!!!

First, thank you so much for the very kind comments you made about the beach walk and the moon picture.  Your comments have given me the idea to do a post showing all my drift wood.  I need to get some of it back from my DD before I can do that.  I loaned her several pieces for some pictures she was taking.
Last summer, I showed some photos of a project I had started  several years ago.  I wanted to make pillows for my sofa using some of my cross stitch.  In the winter, I use barn red throws and pillows on the sofa.  It is such a nice warm color.  Well, now that Spring is here, I change the color to a nice cool blue.  That is the color I used for this project. As I have said before, finishing is not my strong suit.  Most of my stitching gets framed. Last week I became determined to finish these pillows!!! So after a few days, here is my result!

 The blues match better than they show in the photo.

 I love Quaker designs.

Notice the date!!! That's when I made the cross stitch part.  Am I not a great procrastinator???!!!!!! It only took 4 years!!!!!!

This is at the other end.  The pillows aren't perfect but they are done.  By the way, a store wanted $175 to make these pillows!!!!
I hope you are all having a good week and spring is showing up everywhere!!