Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stitching and Spring-Maybe?

I hope this post finds you all doing well.  We have been very busy.  We had some great visitors last week, my SIL and her son.  We took them all over in the rain!  After all, Seattle had to live up to it's reputation.  Actually it was one of the rainiest periods we have had! Even considering the weather, we had a very nice visit!  Our nephew teaches in China so his stories were very interesting.  I didn't get pictures because of the rain.  We didn't want to get the camera wet!
I put some recent pictures of my garden on this post.  You will see how mild it has been.  I'm also sharing my latest stitching project. 

 I always put the stitching first.  That way you can stop reading if that is your interest.  Here is my current project.  I am using the suggested floss except the white.  I am using GA oatmeal instead of Shaker White. It shows up better on the Vintage Sand Dune linen(Lakeside Linen) I am using.

 Progress so far.  That is a very big house so I am doing it a bit at a time. The photo is much darker than the project.  It is almost dark outside.
 We have never seen these so early!! This is an early variety but I am still surprised.

 In another week, we will have more Hellebores of different colors.  They are all showing lots of buds.

 The heather is very pretty right now.

 I love this witch hazel.  See that blue sky.  I took this the week before company!!

Here are my sweet little friends from next door.  They came for a short visit.  
Have a great week and thanks for joining me !