Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Morning Walk In Poulsbo

Two days ago we went for a morning walk in Poulsbo. If you walk up the hill from the downtown, there is a street that runs along the water. We like to walk along this street. There are some pretty homes with great views.

This little bench was in front of a garage!

These are two small homes with super views!

I wouldn't call this a small house!

This wonderful Virginia Creeper has totally covered this fence. Great fall color!

I like this little old house. It looks like it may have new siding but the house is fairly old.

This door is full of Norwegian carvings.

This street faces Liberty Bay , a part of Puget sound. All of the homes have this view.

The Poulsbo yacht club.

This is my very favorite house!!!!! Looks like it could be on Nantucket.

Probably my second favorite house on this street. The SBA and I watched it being built.

This little park was our destination.

Yes, there really was an oyster plant on this site.

There are several purple martin houses on the water. Notice the babies!

Thanks for taking a tour of this little town with me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Halloween fabric and a new project!

Well the first picture is a sure sign that fall is on its way!!! That means Halloween can't be far off. We have lots of very interesting spiders and webs in the fall. I love the foggy mornings when mist clings to the webs and you can see how they are constructed. This poor spider tried making a web across our doors that lead to the deck we use everyday. That was the end of his web,but not the end of my fall/Halloween mood! Now for several years, I have been collecting Halloween fabric with no project in mind. I just love the way they look. Well, I decided it was time to put some of the fabric to good use. I have used a small quilt across the island in our kitchen and thought that would be a good spot to put a Halloween runner. The first job was to wash and iron all the possible fabrics I might use. I did that and after all that ironing decided to wait till the next day to choose my fabrics for the runner. We did determine that an 8 by 3 runner would work if I used 8 inch squares. That size square would show off the fabrics.

Here's Mr. Spider!

This photo is way too dark but you get the idea. This will be what I use to make slip covers for my wicker chairs on the front porch. It's not really Halloween but I use them from Sept. to Nov.

Here are the possible choices.

I love witches and love this one!

What to choose!!!

Here is the island I will cover with the Halloween runner.

I love the look of white pumpkins. I always get a few real ones that I use outside.

I found these at Tues. Morning. They'll be great on my tree!

Thanks to anyone who has taken time to read my blog!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The SBA and I are water people. In fact one reason we came here instead of CO was the fact that Washington has both mountains and water. When we visited Washington (while still living in KY) we found a beautiful place to walk in a place called Sequim. That's about 1 1/2 hours from our home. Still , we planned to go there often. When we moved here, we lived in an apartment while looking for a house. We read about a place called Point-No-Point that supposedly had a good beach for walking. This was about 1/2 hour from our home ,much closer than Sequim. After one trip out there it has become one of our favorite places in the world!!! There is a wonderful lighthouse built in 1879- the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound. Well, after we got all settled and had some time, we became docents at the lighthouse. We try to work one day a month during the season (April - Sept.) We have met so many interesting people!! Last week-end we worked both Sat. and Sun. We had over 160 visitors. While we do enjoy working at the lighthouse, we still find time just to walk the beach. This is something we enjoy all year around.

Our wonderful lighthouse is being restored to the 1930 period. That's why it looks a bit rough this summer.

That lens has been in the tower for 110 years.

This is a view of Mt. Baker, a dormant volcano that is across Puget Sound.

A typical Puget Sound tug boat.

This huge freighter is headed to Seattle.

That's really not a small sailboat!!

Sun. morning we had fog at the beach.

A view from the lighthouse door.

Fishing off the beach for Salmon.

This is the beach and cliff area behind the lighthouse.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a very special part of Washington. We just love living here!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Trip to Ocean Shores- part 2- Seabrooke

Each time we go over to the shore, I like to drive through Seabrooke. It is a new community built right near the Ocean! I think the houses are mostly summer places for people living in Seattle or Olympia. I love the New England look they have. Houses that look like this are fairly rare out here. While this would be a beautiful place to live there are several draw backs. Any kind of large market, Dr., barber shop or beauty salon to get a hair cut, dentist, etc. would be about 45 minutes away. I guess you could say , "A fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there!" Well, maybe...

All these homes have beach access. The Pacific is right across the street! Tomorrow, my blog will be about the Lighthouse where the SBA and I work as docents!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ocean Shores and the BIRDS!

Last Thurs. the SBA and I decided that, instead of gifts for our 33rd anniversary ,we would spend a night at the beach. The closest (not prettiest) beach is at Ocean Shores. The Olympic Beaches are just spectacular but a bit too far for just one night. The weather was predicted to be just perfect! As we got about 5 miles from the beach , we noticed a strange cloud hanging over what we guessed was the water. Well by the time we got to the beach, it was totally socked in , cold, windy, and foggy. It stayed that way all day on Thurs. We did go out to the jetty and saw some amazing birds. The biggest treat was the brown pelicans. We had no idea that these wonderful birds were this far north. We were told they migrated up from CA due to a lack of food in CA.

We probably saw hundreds of pelicans.

This scene was out at the end of the jetty. Apparently, there are many little fish this time of year. We were told that this happens each summer. There are many different species of sea birds.

Thank goodness long a long distance setting on the old camera!

A bit like Alfred Hitchcock's " The Birds!!!!"

Fri. AM was warm and sunny in town. I loved the colors of these cute shops!

Wonderful kites!! Love all the colors!

Why are there so many chainsaw artists in the NW????????

In the next blog we will visit a cute little town on the coast. (Fri. am, still no sun at the beach,lots of wind, not so good for beach walking!)