Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The SBA and I are water people. In fact one reason we came here instead of CO was the fact that Washington has both mountains and water. When we visited Washington (while still living in KY) we found a beautiful place to walk in a place called Sequim. That's about 1 1/2 hours from our home. Still , we planned to go there often. When we moved here, we lived in an apartment while looking for a house. We read about a place called Point-No-Point that supposedly had a good beach for walking. This was about 1/2 hour from our home ,much closer than Sequim. After one trip out there it has become one of our favorite places in the world!!! There is a wonderful lighthouse built in 1879- the oldest lighthouse on Puget Sound. Well, after we got all settled and had some time, we became docents at the lighthouse. We try to work one day a month during the season (April - Sept.) We have met so many interesting people!! Last week-end we worked both Sat. and Sun. We had over 160 visitors. While we do enjoy working at the lighthouse, we still find time just to walk the beach. This is something we enjoy all year around.

Our wonderful lighthouse is being restored to the 1930 period. That's why it looks a bit rough this summer.

That lens has been in the tower for 110 years.

This is a view of Mt. Baker, a dormant volcano that is across Puget Sound.

A typical Puget Sound tug boat.

This huge freighter is headed to Seattle.

That's really not a small sailboat!!

Sun. morning we had fog at the beach.

A view from the lighthouse door.

Fishing off the beach for Salmon.

This is the beach and cliff area behind the lighthouse.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a very special part of Washington. We just love living here!


  1. gorgeous! that is a huge sailboat. my friend who love in powell river far north from you just caught and cleaned 100 pounds of salmon!

  2. Point-No-Point is one of my favorite places to go - especially early in the morning when it is quiet and all the birds are out. So proud of you and Dad volunteering! You guys will stay young at heart forever!