Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Just Stitching

Hi there cloud friends! Well after two days of rain and gloom, it was nice to see the sun this morning, however, it is already gone!  Thankfully we live up high and never flooded.  Lots of folks up here are flooded out today.  We did loose power for 9 hours yesterday.  We are lucky to have it back as they said on the news, it would take several days to restore all the power. Anyway, I decided to show you the stitching I have been doing.  Last year I won an ornament chart from Mary Ann at the blog "Just Stitching".  She so generously decided to give me each of the ornament sampler charts for the entire year.  I love them and will try to get most of them stitched.

 This is "Old Colonial" I did change the house to red.  I have a thing for red houses.

 Another red house on" Merry Christmas" Actually now that I see them together, maybe I have too many red houses.

This was my favorite  called "Sweet Apples".  The colors are not at all true to the pretty colors of the ornaments.  By the way, I love Lakeside Linen 32 ct. sand dune.  I use 123 Stitch and they don't seem to have it any more.  Any ideas where I can find it?
The next challenge is to get them made into little pin keeps for the bowl I had planned to use for the Halloween pin keeps that never quite got finished. Next, I am planning Hannah's ornament for this year.  I have made one for her each year since she was born.  This will be number 3.
Well, thanks for joining me and have a wonderful week!